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Hi, I bought my first figure (item #246278) at Dutch Comic Con. After I got my Attack on Titan figures (first Levi and Eren, who were cheap, and then I though: "I need a Mikasa and I suppose I can buy one more expensive figure..." yeah I didn't stop at one as you can see) I kinda fell into scale hell hole and now I focus on scales.

I like scale figures that have cool outfits with only one or two main colours in it, blue is my favourite colour but I also like red. My favourite scale is probably 1/7. I really like Fate but my all-time favourite anime is Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Other favourites of mine are Kill la Kill, Steins;Gate, Pokémon, Magi, Shingeki no Kyojin and Arslan Senki.

My collection rules:
View spoilerHide spoiler - No more than 1 figure per character (except for Saberr in different outfits and ma boi Ed Elric - oh right and maybe Archer... what was this rule for again??)
- No figures over 150 euro (incl shipping and customs) 'cause I don't wanna become poor ._. (yeah gonna break this one prolly)(broke it thrice already)
- No action figures

Figures I wish they'd make:
View spoilerHide spoiler - BRAVE-ACT Mikasa though I already have a Mikasa so I wouldn't get it anyway
- More scale figures of Matoi Ryuuko and Satsuki in her normal Senketsu godrobe (I don't like the Phat company ones)
- More scale figures of Edward Elric or FMA in general bless you Kotobukiya
- Magi Djinn equip scales!!
- Scales of servants other than Saber. Please give us Gilgamesh/Lancer/Rider/Caster etc ;_;

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0Il y a 18 jours-Michiko--Michiko-
Josine (Il y a 18 jours) #19541572Biologie, en dan meer de macro kant op. Zit nu in m'n 3e jaar bachelor, twijfel nog een beetje over m'n master maar wss wordt het Evolutionairy Biology master ook in Leiden. Zag ook een interessante in Utrecht maar Utrecht :/ Ik doe Gedrag en Neurowetenschappen als major binnen biologie en ga daar waarschijnlijk ook mijn master in doen, maar ik zit pas in mijn tweede jaar dus ik heb nog ff de tijd om daar over na te denken. En ja Utrecht XD.
0Il y a 18 joursasuramaruasuramaru
Josine (Il y a 24 jours) #19390885Gefeliciteerd!
0Il y a 18 jours-Michiko--Michiko-
Josine (Il y a 1 mois) #19203806Universiteit Leiden! Welke major volg je?
0Il y a 25 joursKotobukiyaKotobukiya
Josine (Il y a 1 mois) #19225488Will I be able to buy item #463456 for a reasonable price (and with reasonable I mean NOT 60-70 euros more expensive than JP price...) in Europe? Exclusives are a pain to get in Europe because of the customs...

Customers located in Europe can purchase our figures and statues (including the Edward Elric ARTFX J exclusive version) at their local collectible toy store and online from European shops. If you are unsure of retailers in your area, please contact our international customer service e-mail address with your location for a list:
0Il y a 28 joursasuramaruasuramaru
Thanks voor de FR !

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