LadyDrawsAlotLadyDrawsAlot Im shy and scared of people, but god do I love ma figs

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0Il y a 3 moischocolocochocoloco
LadyDrawsAlot (Il y a 3 mois) #17784311happy birthday friend !!!!!<3<3<3 :D i hope your having a great time !!
Thanks! ^v^
Should i text you my address for if you wanted to stop by my house one day? I still have the stuff I was going to give you for your birthday. o3o
0Il y a 3 moischocolocochocoloco
LadyDrawsAlot (Il y a 3 mois) #17566918thank you friend!!! ye deff on the card exchange thing, I STILL have to give you YOURS (I'm a bad forgetful person, I'm sorry)
You're welcome! And okay!
I guess text me when you know of a day you'd want to visit my house or meet at the school to exchange stuff? 'v'
(And aww, it's okay...i know things have been busy for people. '3')
0Il y a 3 moischocolocochocoloco
Happy birthday!! ^U^
Any day you'd want to stop by my house or meet up at the school, I can give you your birthday things! 'U'
0Il y a 6 moischocolocochocoloco
LadyDrawsAlot (Il y a 6 mois) #15760540hello friend !!!!

Hi! Wow, you have a really awesome collection! ovo
0Il y a 1 anOyamatsumiOyamatsumi 大山積命
Ohayou !
Welcome to you on MFC :3

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