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1Il y a 15 jours (Il y a 15 jours)LeviathanXLeviathanX
There are times you wish for delays; lots of them... ⊙﹏⊙


(I got the money reserved, but still... )
0Il y a 19 joursPrettybarfPrettybarf
LeviathanX (Il y a 2 mois) #18747745Actually, I don't think anyone reads or visits my page at all. But, I thought I'd share nevertheless.dont worry, I do
0Il y a 20 jours (Il y a 19 jours)LeviathanXLeviathanX
Do you know the feel when everything seems to go wrong in your life?!

Recently I somehow also order stuff just to complete sets ... In a way that "INSTANT-PREORDER!!!!" feeling has disappeared on me .. I mean, I almost forgot to order some figures which are not set related....

Strange, it all started to cool off during my monetary problem phase.. Though, I am partly out of it (thanks to a friend), in some way or another, but I still have to stay in check due to possibly unforeseen happenings (building a house as you know)...

Man, I can't even "risk" to take a vacation to visit my family (abroad)... Haven't been there for two or three years already... (´△`)
2Il y a 1 mois (Il y a 1 mois)LeviathanXLeviathanX
Oh boy! Got this Daki today! ヽ(´▽`)/

2Il y a 2 moisLeviathanXLeviathanX
Ok, my space became so very limited... I needed to pack lots of stuff in card boxes. Thence, no post planned anymore from my loot I gathered since the last blog.. I guess the next loot blog will come once I moved to my new home which hopefully happens during this year. By that time I will unpack all and have enough space for display. Guess I will limit the post to focus on items not listed in the database (I will just mention the listed ones in name only). And I have a ton of unlisted items... (I vastly increased my loli harem.. (´ー`) )..

Actually, I don't think anyone reads or visits my page at all. But, I thought I'd share nevertheless.

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