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0Il y a 1 anNanamiaNanamia
Nice KanColle collection :>
0Il y a 2 ansnongdansanhdieunongdansanhdieu
Myouki (Il y a 2 ans) #2845425Why not credit the authors when you use pictures / photos of another for your photo montage?
[ext link ]
[ext link ]
Just for the foreground of your work, it seem you don't respect the author's rules. (I don't found the other photos than you used for it, but respect the work of other) ;)

Really sorry you
I want to write credit the authors , but my english is very bad so I just upload pictures without write anything.
I am also an author so I understand that, next time I will try to write credit .
Thank you for reminding me ^^
0Il y a 2 ansPhantom_SuzukaPhantom_Suzuka
Merci pour la FR
0Il y a 2 ansPergoPugnarePergoPugnare
Merci pour la FR!
0Il y a 2 ansZeCakeIzALailZeCakeIzALail
Merci pour la FR.

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