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Hi guyz I'm OujiRainu and I love collecting figures.I got into figure collecting when Levi from AOT became my instant favorite and I saw his figma and it was love at first sight.Since then I been happy collecting figures from my favorite anime.My figure aesthetics are characters that are in motion.

I have a youtube channel where I unbox/review figures and stream gaming:[ext link ]

Instagram:[ext link ]

Tumblr:[ext link ]

Thank you for stopping by!XD

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0Il y a 6 joursokami34okami34
Well that's good that you're going through with your current major before going to do another one. Since you're a second year, I'm sure that you can select a minor if you wanted to. And some majors share similar classes with each other, so if you wanted to change majors, it could be a seamless change. It depends on what majors you are dealing with though. I'm currently a freshman and I don't see myself changing a thing! A few other freshman wanted to change their major towards the end of the first semester already! I suppose the later the wait you wait to change majors, the harder it will be.
0Il y a 6 joursChocolateSpiderChocolateSpider
OujiRainu (Il y a 6 jours) #19940204Lol no problem,I like how descriptive but entertaining your reviews arexD

Thank you. I always feel like unless it is entertaining to read, there is not much point in writing it in the first place. :3
0Il y a 6 jours (Il y a 6 jours)okami34okami34
Thanks for the friend request! It was a bit out of the blue for me but I don't mind. :D

On your profile it says that you are a "student", are you a college student like me? If so, what major/minor are you aiming for?

My major is New Media and Animation and I have a minor in Marketing. :)
0Il y a 6 joursChocolateSpiderChocolateSpider
Oh yay! Thanks for the friend request!

I thought I already had you in my friend list for some reason. LOL. :P
0Il y a 20 joursDanteMagicaDanteMagica
OujiRainu (Il y a 21 jours) #19472554Oh thank you,more awesome figures to know~
I'm really looking forward Victor and Nightwing
i totally agree, this one looks more

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