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Hi guyz I'm OujiRainu and I love collecting figures.I got into figure collecting when Levi from AOT became my instant favorite and I saw his figma and it was love at first sight.Since then I been happy collecting figures from my favorite anime.My figure aesthetics are characters that are in motion.

I have a youtube channel where I unbox/review figures and stream gaming:[ext link ]

Instagram:[ext link ]

Tumblr:[ext link ]

Thank you for stopping by!XD

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0Il y a 15 joursazusamukamiazusamukami
OujiRainu (Il y a 15 jours) #20958862Happy Bday!!!!XDD
Awwweh thank you dear!
0Il y a 28 jours (Il y a 28 jours)okami34okami34
Yes, I see and live that struggle too. I love to draw what I want with my own style, but most companies won't care about that. They'll only care about if I can meet their "requirements" and that can take the fun out of a dream job. I don't really mind learning the skills I need to know for my art classes because those skills do also help me improve on my drawing, but it sucks when I can't draw what I want sometimes. To cope with that, I draw whatever I want in a separate sketchbook (I have another sketchbook that is required for my art classes and I have to do boring still lives and figure studies.)

I hope Cybersecurity works out for you, the government is going to cut off TOPS soon. Be careful about how you use your money, if you intend to switch majors again.
0Il y a 1 moisOujiRainuOujiRainu
I keep seeing so many good sales here but I look at my money and criesXD
0Il y a 1 moisokami34okami34
What vison did you have with graphic design that seemed unreasonable? Was there a class that you were struggling with? (I knew one guy who switched majors because of that.) Do you think Cybersecurity is the perfect fit for you now?
0Il y a 1 moisokami34okami34
Well that's good that you're going through with your current major before going to do another one. Since you're a second year, I'm sure that you can select a minor if you wanted to. And some majors share similar classes with each other, so if you wanted to change majors, it could be a seamless change. It depends on what majors you are dealing with though. I'm currently a freshman and I don't see myself changing a thing! A few other freshman wanted to change their major towards the end of the first semester already! I suppose the later the wait you wait to change majors, the harder it will be.

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