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I'm RockGodItachi and I'm a huge Anime and Anime figure fan! I have been watching Anime now for over 8 years and I can't see myself stopping anytime soon as there's so many shows/movies I want to watch and genres I want to explore!
Here's my Anime Planet profile showing how many I've watched and what I'm currently watching: - anime | manga | reviews

I have a You Tube channel dedicated to my collection where I do unboxing video's and reviews.
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Room Tour (New one coming soon!)

Figure Unboxing/Review

I also have a Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr!

Facebook: [ext link ]
Instagram: [ext link ]
Tumblr: [ext link ]

My Waifu's 乂❤‿❤乂
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Satellizer El Bridget
Boa Hancock
Super Sonico
Kei Kishimoto
Mitarai Yuuna

I've been getting into figure photography and I'm really enjoying taking pics of my collection! Here is some of my favs:

My Clubs:

Satellizer Love!
(mfc link)
Seishoujo FTW
club #1328
The You Tube Anime Figure Collectors Club
club #1519

If you want to chat about Anime or figures feel free to send me a friend request as I'm always looking to make new friends!
( ⌒o⌒)人(⌒-⌒ )v

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0Il y a 1 joursteffi-pandasteffi-panda
Thank you for adding me! Hello crew mate! I also like your unboxing videos.
0Il y a 1 jourcharly3pcharly3p
Heya Rock!
Thanks for adding me! I love your unboxings on youtube, you're my sensei! I hope some day be like you!

RockGodItachi (Il y a 1 jour) #21489599Ahoy new friend! Thanks for the FR! :D
0Il y a 5 joursmoimoisannamoimoisanna
RockGodItachi (Il y a 9 jours) #21227579Hi new friend! Thanks for the FR! :D

Ah no problem ! I love your videos
0Il y a 8 joursTaigaSuzumiyaTaigaSuzumiya
0Il y a 9 jours11lemons11lemons
Thank you :)

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