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Ohayo Minna-san!

Hello everyone, my birth name is Sunildatt but you can call me Sun! I technically started collecting figures back in 2009 when I got item #414 and item #415. I got into anime when I was around 3 years old and I grew up on Dragon Ball Z. I watched the english dub after school and I played the Budokai games night and day on PS2 for years straight. These days I still watch a lot of anime, still play a ton of video games and I still go to school. A simple yet fun life. I have other fun hobbies as well. I am a car enthusiast. I love watching car videos, working on cars and driving them. I also love watching and playing basketball. Lastly I am a techie. I love current technology and how it has evolved over the years. And yes, I really love psycho girls. I don't know why lol

Gamer for life
DBZ Tenkaichi Opening lol

My Assassin's Creed collection
"The balls are inert" -Piccolo
LOL Shenron is sick of your need for his balls
Trafalgar D. Water Law
The Shinsengumi
How can a copy be this cool?
Neliel Tu Oderschvank

If you didn't realize it already, i really like this show :)
Shiro is too cute
Wretched Egg
Ooooh so many Mina's
The dead men in the wonderful dead land of Deadman Wonderland

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0Il y a 9 joursChocolateSpiderChocolateSpider
Sunildatt (Il y a 9 jours) #19845726Yo dude, you are awesome! I love reading your blogs, they are very interesting, funny and well thought out :)

Thanks you so much for that complement! I am always happy to see someone finds my shenanigans amusing. x3
0Il y a 9 joursChocolateSpiderChocolateSpider
Well hello there, new friend.

Whoa! There is a lot of Deadman Wonderland here. I haven't thought about this show since I saw it on Toonami a few years ago. :D
0Il y a 2 moisSilentSwordsmanSilentSwordsman
Sunildatt (Il y a 2 mois) #18203226Wow that's super neat! I also used to collect artbooks. I used to buy every collectors edition for video games and I loved the art books. However all of that stopped when I got into full time figure collecting XD
I am majoring in game design, so I tend to do that a lot too. When I plan ideas of characters I always make up voices for them. It helps that I can speak many funny accents. I can do a new york, british, southern and indian accent lol

That sounds great and like a lot of fun!
That's a lot of accents! I love british accents! That's one of the reasons why I love Xenoblade Chronicles.
Speaking of which, what is your favorite video game and or favorite video game series?
0Il y a 2 moisSilentSwordsmanSilentSwordsman
Sunildatt (Il y a 2 mois) #18201262Oh cool, what are your hobbies if you don't mind me asking? I have quite a few as well. Other than watching anime and reading manga, I play video games, I play and watch basketball, I am a car enthusiast and I am a techie. It is really hard to juggle all these hobbies and college makes it even tougher. Now that I am in the process of moving, it's even worse lol
In order to enjoy my video games, I had to hold back on anime. Now my anime queue is well over 100 animes to watch -___-

I don't mind telling my hobbies. Aside from watching anime and figure collecting, I play Video games as well, trading card games, I watch ice hockey, and I have a few other random little hobbies, some which I tried and stopped like artbook collecting. I've always love creating things, even when I was little, and I've always had a passion for voice acting. I find myself trying my best to imitate the voice of characters, and make up voices for characters during the script in video games without character voices.
Those are some interesting hobbies you have there, and yeah It's hard to juggle a bunch of hobbies at once. I'm finding myself cutting back on some of them too. That is a lot of anime to have on a que! And I thought I had a lot of anime that I still wanted to watch! Ha ha!
0Il y a 2 moisSilentSwordsmanSilentSwordsman
Sunildatt (Il y a 2 mois) #18178607Yeah same here. I read a lot of manga when I was younger, but these days I enjoy the anime much more.
Haha yes I am happy to recruit others to the wonderful world of gintama! I have watched the whole thing 4 times and it doesn't get boring. Prepare to laugh until you cry!
View spoilerHide spoiler

Nice! I haven't watched through any anime more than once. I have too many hobbies to do that. Ha ha!
Oh I look forward to it! Actually I laughed so much and so hard at one point today that I cried. Ha ha!

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