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0Il y a 29 joursbmkercebmkerce
Awesome thanks! Yea that us a long time from now, bummer, but it will be worth it I'm sure
0Il y a 1 moisbmkercebmkerce
yea I cant wait for the Alter Eli, she always was my favorite. I like Umi a lot, but I agree with you, her design from alter wasnt my favorite. Oh and let me know how you like your Hirasawa Yui figure when you get it, looks like it is going to be really good.
0Il y a 1 moisbmkercebmkerce
yea....Anabel I cant stop my self, I have zero self control. On a side note, I just got item #317823 and it is awesome. I have a feeling this is only going to get worse, I think Love Live will be my death knell.
0Il y a 1 moisbmkercebmkerce
so yes...I just now ordered it, thanks for being the voice of reason lol.
0Il y a 1 moisbmkercebmkerce
lol yea alter does seem to know exactly how awesome they are, but hey, if they keep making great figures I guess I can wait. Thats good to know about Kotobukiya, QC is obviously a concern, so ill have to keep an eye on that. Yes I hope sunshine gets some alters soon, i liked that show WAY more than I should have.

I may just have to pull the trigger on that Marika figure, seems like it may be worth it.

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