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0Il y a 12 joursbmkercebmkerce
Hope your August figures don't get delayed!
0Il y a 1 moisbmkercebmkerce
Thanks :) I couldn't hold out any longer lol
0Il y a 1 moisbmkercebmkerce
Oh ok thanks for the heads up on your figure. Yea I was looking at the GSC one and i've always liked it, but the price seems to be a bit steep in my opinion. I think ill have to wait and see what the Alphamax figure looks like painted before I get that or the GSC figure.
0Il y a 1 moisbmkercebmkerce
Hey anabel,

I was just wondering what you thing about your makise kurisu by kotobukiya. I really want to buy a Makise figure lol.

thanks, hope everything is well.
0Il y a 2 moisbmkercebmkerce
Awesome thanks! Yea that us a long time from now, bummer, but it will be worth it I'm sure

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