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0Il y a 11 joursanabelanabel
yours too! hopefully my Jibril actually releases this month. she's already been delayed by 2 months now :(
0Il y a 1 moisanabelanabel
saw your Reddit post. nice miku! :p
0Il y a 1 moisanabelanabel
yup, everything's going well. I got the Kurisu figure as a gift. The concept is really cool but as expected of a Koto figure, the quality is lacking. The base is really flimsy and fragile. Two of my pegs that attach the gears broke off just from being inside the box. Also the material is very 'plastic-y' and the paintjob isn't too great.

I think you should look into GSC' Kurisu instead! item #78589 Alphamax is also making one soon if you want to wait for that one. item #457051
0Il y a 2 moisanabelanabel
yeah for sure I'll let you know! But I bought Yui from a local retailer so I won't be getting my hands on her until around October, sad...
0Il y a 3 moisanabelanabel
Yeah, when you start with Love Live figures it's merciless. Alter's LL line is especially sweet. I can't wait to see Alter Eli up close once she's released. My best girl is Umi but I wasn't too fond of the design they chose for her.

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