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yeah for sure I'll let you know! But I bought Yui from a local retailer so I won't be getting my hands on her until around October, sad...
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Yeah, when you start with Love Live figures it's merciless. Alter's LL line is especially sweet. I can't wait to see Alter Eli up close once she's released. My best girl is Umi but I wasn't too fond of the design they chose for her.
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I see you're falling deeper and deeper down the figurine hole, and into the depths of idol hell, with those orders....
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If you like her, get it! I heard the colors on the Marika are really nice. :D
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Alter can afford to be slow with how popular their figures are lol
I feel like they take full advantage of their fame by overpricing and showing up late to the party :( I love them anyway though.
I'm sure the Sunshine figures will come... eventually.

Yeah, Kotobukiya is great for their prices and creativity. But that Heroine X figure isn't cheap for Koto' standards. Also it's not really worth getting a Koto figure of a popular character since other big companies tend to do a better job, quality-wise. It's better to choose Koto if you want something released asap, a cheaper figure or an unpopular character.

PS. Haven't seen a Revolve figure in person but I heard that Marika figure is quite good.

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