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Hoping so bad for 2nd season of Mob Psycho 100. (>o<);;

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0Il y a 5 moisArashiOniArashiOni
Greetingz from Europe! Got my Gilgamesh' parts today, thank you very much :) Gladly split figures with you again :D
0Il y a 6 moismichitarirumichitariru
Great seller, she had great communication (she saw my comment on an item page looking for something and sought me out), and a reasonable price for a Haikyuu omanjuu since they're hard to come by. Definitely a seller I'd recommend! :)
1Il y a 10 moisteliiiiteliiii
Hi there, I received the Saber figma parts a few days ago! Thanks for the great packaging, everything came perfectly!
1Il y a 1 anadelino660adelino660
Payment via gift, her prices were really reasonable and price was cheap considering the accessories i bought!
Please shop with confidence with this user!
1Il y a 1 anSinbadSinbad
I bought Light Yagami Nendoroid Petit from her! He arrived in excellent condition! Would definitely buy again ^^

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