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Just a collector from Northeast Ohio.

I don't accept random friend requests. If you want to request me, please send me a message.
Gangsta, Haikyuu, Gintama, Hajime no Ippo, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Yuri!!! On Ice, Gangsta
The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Harry Potter
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Overwatch, Dino D-Day, Don't Starve
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glasses, lab coats, grumpy, delinquents


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heroizumi (Il y a 5 mois) #21158936Once items have arrived with Zenmarket you can have them held in there warehouse for up to 45 days. Each item past day 45 will be charged a 50yen fee until they're shipped.
Thanks! I've been ordering from FromJapan and they seem pretty similar, but they only hold items for 30 days since the first one arrives.
Il y a 5 mois
heroizumi (Il y a 5 mois) #21099637Ooo nice!! My friend was already ordering a few things from there so I asked her to toss it onto her order <33333 Ahhhhhh <33333 I'm so pumped!! Hahaha
Haha same! especially because it's so hard to find them now. You order from zenmarket right? Can I ask you for how long do they hold your items?
Il y a 5 mois
heroizumi (Il y a 5 mois) #21064342Omg!!! Thanks for letting me know!!! D: I need this beautiful creature in my life XD
No problem!! Good luck getting him! :D I finally managed to get Otabek and Yurio's ema <33
Il y a 5 mois
Hi! I commented in your march loot and you mentioned that you were looking for a Georgi ema, I was just trying to get one for Otabek at otamart and found this one otamart.com/ite... !
Il y a 5 mois
lol yeah, I kinda worry about those grab boxes...... uhhhh..... I feel like it's just gonna be series I dunno....... or no one wants.... =[ or characters I don't want... lol! I'm too picky. This probably isn't for me. Although what a deal, when you really add up the value of everything in the box! Do you think it's worthwhile? I mean, even if there's only one or two items inside that I would keep.... if I can sell the rest off for like $2 each... it just might be worth it... but it's a lot of time. But you seem to take the time to do this stuff, like how you host all those GO's, so that's good. ^^
Il y a 7 mois
heroizumi (Il y a 8 mois) #18218600Just wanted to let you know I shipped your posters but your inbox is full. I attached the tracking number to your payment on paypal! Let me know when you get them please! Thanks!!
Oops sorry about that, and thanks so much!
Il y a 8 mois
Susanoo14RGBlv15 μ'sic forever ♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪
heroizumi (Il y a 9 mois) #17033824HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! ILU BB!!!! <3

Haha thank you so much!! xD
Il y a 9 mois
Susanoo14RGBlv15 μ'sic forever ♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪
Happy Birthday!!? or is it tomorrow bc MFC sends notifs early

Il y a 10 mois
KyoyaRGBlv19 memento mori.
btw I invite you to my splits maybe you wanna something ;u; specially for Yurio >w<; haha club/618/discus...
Il y a 10 mois
<3 I got the DnA pins! Love em! =) I left ya feedback! =)
Il y a 1 an
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