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0Il y a 7 jours (Il y a 7 jours)CoffeeCoffee
nvm, so sorry!

18Il y a 28 joursnyugvo6nyugvo6
PLEASE make the new layout optional.
2Il y a 5 moisPlatoGPlatoG
Dear Kuma,

My post in blog has been deleted two times without any reason given to me
I woke up at the moment and see a lot of notification but post has been gone...

May i know what rules had i violated?
19Il y a 6 moisCoffeeCoffee
Dear kuma,
Please bring back the square icons.
Thank you. (´・ω・`)
1Il y a 6 moismisuzumisuzu
kumasanmk (Il y a 8 ans) #30094Welcome. Do you like Key?!
Of course!

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