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Roleplayer, cosplayer, general anime weeb. Spends way more money on figures and merch than I should but I regret nothing.

for sellers reference, my eBay buyer feedback: [ext link ]

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0Il y a 5 moisrivalappearsrivalappears
michitariru (Il y a 5 mois) #17594906Happy Birthday! :D

Thank you!
0Il y a 6 moismichitarirumichitariru
Foreverzero (Il y a 6 mois) #16876560Thanks for the FR and Happy Belated Birthday, hope all went well.

Np and thank you!~
0Il y a 6 moisForeverzeroForeverzero
Thanks for the FR and Happy Belated Birthday, hope all went well.
0Il y a 6 moisWindsorSevenWindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
michitariru (Il y a 6 mois) #16719346Aww thank you! <3 Hope your December's been great so far!
It's been good but so busy since it's the end of the semester, bleh. Can't wait till vacation. How's yours?
0Il y a 6 moismichitarirumichitariru
Evee-tan (Il y a 6 mois) #16732770Happy birthday! :)

Thank you!!

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