puricchipuricchi hello!

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0Il y a 2 moisjessicrottejessicrotte
Thank you ^.^puricchi (Il y a 3 mois) #17828555Thank you for accepting, I love your vids!
0Il y a 3 moisjessicrottejessicrotte
Thanks for the FR!
0Il y a 3 moisNendoNowNendoNow
Hiya! Thanks for the friend request! :D
0Il y a 4 moiscmcookiezcmcookiez
puricchi (Il y a 5 mois) #16482124Hi, I can't reply to your PM because your inbox is full.
Ops,sorry. it should work now :)
0Il y a 5 moismurdochmurdoch
For anyone considering buying figures/anime merch from puricchi- go for it!!!
I took one of her pre-orders and she was by far the most pleasant seller I have ever encountered. This seller is very honest and accommodating! Our transaction spanned over a few months she always responded promptly to any questions I had, and not to mention she's incredibly sweet and kind. She kept me posted with the figure's delays, news ect. and put a lot of effort into making sure everything went smoothly. I asked some kinda stupid noobie questions and she has been very patient with me, which I really appreciate.

Seriously, I cannot recommend this seller enough. puricchi is hella awesome and you should definitely do business with her.


Thanks for everything, puricchi!~

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