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Hi everyone!

Feel free to chat it up with me. :D I'm comfortable having conversations in any subject matter. Of course, being on MFC, I like collecting figures. And just like with almost everyone here, I love anime and playing video games.
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My favorite anime of all time is Cardcaptor Sakura. The dubbed version aired on television when I was 10-11 years old. It is the anime that got me into anime although I didn't know what anime was at the time. Then came Yu-Gi-Oh! dub came along when I was 12-14. I love this show and became completely hooked on the Trading Card Game. I was introduced to the world of anime by my friends in High School.

I bought my very first figure on eBay ITEM #1151 in 2006 during my freshman year of college. I was watching Bakurestu Tenshi at the time and Sei's character design completely attracted me. I still didn't know about figure collecting. Then in 2007, I bought ITEM #583 Very eye catching figure. I'm not shy to say I love the female body. Inoue Takuya is one of my favorite artists so I just had to have this figure. This paved the way to my interest into figure collecting and starting buying figures on Amazon. I lost interest in anime during my years in college because schoolwork and internships were keeping me busy. Also, I got my souled sucked into the World of Warcraft. My roommates in college got me in WoW because they wanted more bonding time. Played it for 3 years.

I didn't start becoming an avid figure collector until I graduated college and got a full time career at the end of 2011. Which then I started to pick up anime again because I had much more free time at night. I joined MFC in Q2 of 2012. That's when I discovered stores like Amiami and Mandarake.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my boring life story!

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Persona, Fire Emblem, The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Uncharted, Mass Effect
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Love all kinds of music


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I hope your doing well I hope to chat with you soon! :D
Il y a 6 jours
redxmaverick (Il y a 1 mois) #28357037Finally~ ITEM #117974

Took them long enough xD
Il y a 1 mois
Thx you too, you have a nice collection ! :)
Il y a 1 mois
Happy halloween!!! lol sorry i'm so late replying to your message, this past week has been crazy busy.

omg I see you managed to order ITEM #552344 !!!! That's so exciting!!!!!!! :D

ITEM #549551 this is amazing. I think it's so great that figure companies are finally branching out lmao, this figure looks like it's going to be really good

Let's try putting a new set of LEDs together when we hang out! I will totally reimburse you for whatever materials I use, but is there anything I should order that you don't have 2 of? like the power supply?

I think the daylight white is a great choice, it is probably going to be the most true to color! I was recently at a hardware store and they had an LED lightbulb display and the "daylight white" one was the only one that didn't have a yellow tint to it..

Nice, you got the Camilla figure for a great price with the points :D

I got the HP-C Plus airbrush!!!!! IM SO HAPPY!!! lol it is going to be such an upgrade, probably not even necessary for my skill level lmao but our kits are going to look SO GOOD now. im so excited. I still need to get the air compressor actually, but I think I want to buy it from the airbrush shop we went to, since the price difference wasn't that far off and i really like to shop local when possible =w=; you should come with me when I get it if you want!! I want to get the California Air one so i can use more heavy-duty paints in the future (who knows, it could come in handy)

awww, it would be so nice to work with you and your mom on a swiss roll cake! We should totally do that! Especially since I've never made one before there's like a 90% chance it'll end in disaster if I make it myself lol

YEAH my financial situation has definitely been getting worse and worse LOL, it's weird, but when I started collecting a couple years ago, I basically started with Kikipop dolls which are not cheap, but I was really against paying MSRP for scale figures and I never preordered anything... now I have like 5 scales on preorder that i haven't paid for yet... how the mighty have fallen lmaoo
oh well, it gets me thru the day. Thanks for the spreadsheet!! I am going to start using it after this upcoming hell month LOL

I'm really happy with my collection right now, I have been getting rid of things I'm less fond of and I'm left with all my nicest and most quality figures :3
but i'm so scared for the future if more stuff like ITEM #637417 is going to keep coming out!!!!!!!!!!! ;____;;; it looks beautiful!!!! and I don't even like Miku that much! I'm so mad because I also want this Miku ITEM #604385 the way her skirt is painted makes it look luminescent, i am in awe... If E does a bootleg garage kit version of this figure i might get it because I want to try mimicking this paint job. it's so good. Also the glitter??? How the heck? I wonder if I could mix glitter into Mr. Color paint or something.. I would just be afraid that it would clog the airbrush..
Il y a 1 mois

The quote button works better now but still doesn't transfer you to the other person's page.

Thanks! It really sucks to see people who really wanted her but not being able to get her because of website technicalities. The company even said they upgraded their server one week in advance so it could handle the high traffic but it still failed.

AND I'll have no where to display her. LOL

Wow, even upgrading didn't help... xD

I will actually have to built a display case for Guts. So a bit of work ahead for me. At least I should have the space for the display case :D
Il y a 1 mois
OMGGGGGGGGGG I was able to order one! A few minutes later I read its sold out!

The website was soooooo slow. Took me one hour to place my order. Next hopefully this Hong Kong forwarding service works. lol

Congrats for surviving the camping horror and still getting her! One hour to get a preorder through sounds so annoying and nerve wrecking >__<
Il y a 1 mois
Aww, I'm glad it kinda cheered you up! Yeah it was nice to hear from you, too!! Do you want to hang out next weekend or the weekend after, maybe? I need some help to build my detolf lmao, but also I want to watch you build the LED strips! I'm not sure which stage you're in right now, but don't wait for me if you want to finish them... But I'm really interested in the process, so I'd like to see how it works C: I can't believe the aluminum takes so long to cut!! I want to know how you do it!
For mine, I still haven't ordered the materials you linked me yet. Is it just www.amazon.com/... and www.amazon.com/... ?

man, that sucks that you had to get an early flight only for it to get delayed! :/ The hotel sounds pretty comfy though, I love ones that have a kitchen, but somehow I usually never end up using it lol. But that seems like something your mom would look for in a hotel if most of the local restaurants aren't up to par! lol
ugh, what a long day though, hopefully it wasn't too bad!!

YAYY you ordered Nanachi too!!!! I had no idea she would be sold out everywhere! I guess it's refreshing to see a pvc figure of a non-human anime character (especially one as cute as Nanachi). I should have messaged you when preorders opened, lol. Hoepfully the N-Y price was alright. I ordered her from Hobbylink just in case I need to cancel :p but she's not coming out until March so it should be fine. The FREEing one looks....soo...cute.... i need it too.... Can't wait to see it painted.
Also, when did you order ITEM #464806 ?!!!?? Did you finally cave or did you find a really good deal or something?

I still haven't finished the GK for my friend yet, but it's ok, I'm gonna wait for the next holiday LOL, plus I will get to use my new airbrush starting next month (my dad was nice enough to order it for me for my bday)
Yeah lol on Halloween I'm having a book club meeting with my friends and we're gonna dress up. I'm going to match with my friend, we're both gonna be creepy dolls...
Ohh, maybe I'll bake a christmas cake for Pandy's Christmas meet!! C: lmao the same exact kind of strawberry shortcake as the one I just made.... or maybe i will try a swiss roll cake, but i've never made that before

lmaoo having a daki in the doorway is like so shameless, i should do that. too bad you can't do that, i bet most of yours are too NSFW...hehh . .speaking of NSFW, i have been thinking about getting this figure, but I wanna wait until I get my tax return LOL ITEM #269746 she looks so cute though. Her cuteness is especially apparent when I see her in the middle of an entire collection. this figure just really stands out to me lol. and I doubt my parents would ever scrutinize it enough to notice the phallic squid skewer thing lol

I was like "I knew this was coming" when my dad confronted me about it lol. I don't think you're a bad influence!! i was already long gone the moment i bought my first 1/3 scale doll LOL
if anything, you have kinda inspired me to slow down.. if you can do it, so can i... I should probably get a copy of your spreadsheet so i can look at all the 0s and feel bad about myself until i stop preordering ahaha
I'm sure i can get a grip though, especially since yeah, we have like a million kits to work on lol. if i want a new figure i should just finish a kit. forget everything i said about ITEM #269746 lmaoo

and oh wow, i totally forgot i could sell clothes on Ebay! thanks! in the past i've tried to sell clothes on facebook groups but i think Ebay will be easier. There are a lot more buyers on Ebay, it makes it worth having to pay the stupid fee because i can move items a lot faster usually.
Il y a 1 mois
omg, I can't find the "reply" button on profile comments anymore! D;

I hope your weekend was okay, with all that work >.<; hopefully you at least got paid for overtime, but either way, that's really nice of you to help out over the weekend!
How did it go? were you able to fix the product that the customer sent?
Are you in San Jose right now?? It would be awesome if you at least were able to like have a mini-vacation and go to SF for a day or evening or something! Hope it's all going well, and that the work isn't toooo difficult.....

I actually didn't attend the past doll meet either! it was my friend's birthday on Saturday so i ended up making a cake that morning instead :P it turned out really well, lol it was one of those cliche japanese-style strawberry shortcakes. the first time I tried to make one it was an actual disaster lmao so i am proud to say that i have improved!! (^O^)/

I think Pandy mentioned a casual meet at her house on Halloween, but I already have plans that day.... still, I want to try to go somehow, but I think it might be kind of impossible... :( i am definitely going to try to make it to the one after that, though! yeah, i agree, it was really nice to branch out and meet new people and i'm so glad i met a friend like you who is willing to work on GKs with me!!!! :')

THAT MADOKA DAKIMAKURA! yeah that's the same one that I just bought like a month ago, EXCEPT IT'S 2-WAY TRICOT!! >:( i'm so mad lol, the one I bought was all polyester, so I wish I would have waited and got this 2-way tricot one. oh well, it's impossible to predict the future, and at least it's not as bad as buying a figure and then next year the same figure getting a variant that looks way better! and the polyester one I got is actually pretty soft.

lmao, my dad finally kinda confronted me about my spending, and he requested that I take a month's break from collecting.. "just to see how it feels" lol. maybe this is the intervention i need. But sadly, he doesn't really understand the concept of preorders lol, luckily my december one is pretty light, so I will probably be able to pay it from my paypal balance since i've been selling on ebay! I haven't even been selling figures, either! It's just random things I found when I was moving that seemed like they could be of value.
anyway, yeah I am kind of glad my dad is asking me to try a month without buying collectibles. It would be a really good time for me to try to shift my focus more toward building my GKs anyway!
Il y a 1 mois

A MFC user made a good point about my figure. It's made of polystone so it will weight ALOT. Might cost me more than $200 to ship her. >.<

Yeah polystone is heavy for sure... Guts would have probably cost 200-300 USD from Japan to Europe. Maybe a bit cheaper from America to Europe xD
Il y a 1 mois
This might cost 900-1000 then. ;A;

I can't believe they don't sell to Japan either. This license agreement they have with Capcom is really stupid. I think I will have to pass. Either that or I will have to cancel my other preorders.

So what about your Guts figure? Is he being imported? D: Or are you buying from a local shop?

I'm going to take a risk and use a China forwarding service since they ship to China.

I wish you good luck with the proxy service! Custom fees here are just so high :(

Yeah I ordered Guts from a local shop as I was very scared of the shipping + custom fees. It also would have been hard to calculate how much money he would cost in the end
Il y a 1 mois
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