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hello i'm mel :)

currently into haikyuu!!, yuri on ice and ensemble stars! but i also love readings and watching a whole bunch of other series.

i'm a full-time fujoshi and multishipper.

please feel free to FR and talk anytime, i'm also on twitter and tumblr ^^

currently selling 95% of my free! collection so feel free to inquire about anything you're interested in


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Letting you know that the Enstars Funi Funi Summer Fest Straps arrived to me today, thank you so much for hosting this split and everything arrived quickly and safely. I hope to join again in the future
Il y a 21 heures
Hi! Just letting you know that the knb keychain arrived safely last night :) It's so cute, thank you very much!
Il y a 2 mois
Hi! Just wanted to let you know I received the package today :) It was very nicely packed, and a speedy shipment! Thanks so much! i.imgur.com/6jO...
Il y a 6 mois
BaosaiRGBlv8 really loves Kenma
Dropping by to say hi to another Kenma lover! c: I love your collection (and I'm really jealous 'w')
Il y a 7 mois
Gabmag10RGBlv15 Bishie Collector
rumichuu (Il y a 1 an) #6255477welp there's heaps of kenma pictures now xDD now to wait for tsukki~

Kenma ended up looking great :D Can't wait to own him! I'm going to grab Takara Tomy's Hinata and Kages and also both nendo sets as well :D so cute!
Il y a 1 an
Gabmag10RGBlv15 Bishie Collector
rumichuu (Il y a 1 an) #6137693ahhh yes takarai rihito's art is gorgeous >< and YES i'm so excited for kenma and tsukki i just hope their release dates are not too far away...do you plan on getting them?

I'll definitely buy them! I still haven't picked up Kageyama and Hinata so I'll probably grab them at the same time :D I'm hoping for some more pics at wonfest next month :D
Il y a 1 an
Gabmag10RGBlv15 Bishie Collector
rumichuu (Il y a 1 an) #6070477uwahh thank you!! you have an awesome collection too ^^ and yesyes you should definitely give ten count a try, although you'll either end up loving it or hating it :P

Ahhh thank you :D !! I'll definitely give it a try, I keep seeing art from it and it looks great :D Did you see the announced for the Kenma and Tsukki nendo?? They're going to be great :D !
Il y a 1 an
Gabmag10RGBlv15 Bishie Collector
Love your free and haikyuu collection, you have some really nice stuff! I've really wanted to read Ten Count and I think seeing some of your stuff has finally pushed me over the edge and I'll have to read it ^_^
Il y a 1 an
rumichuu (Il y a 2 ans) #3067788OMG congratulations!!! so glad you were able to get makoto :D i hope we find haru too ><
yes i play touran, tsurumaru is such a cute dork :3 i have most of the swords except for the new ones coz i haven't played recently... (busy with uni). how about you?
and no i didn't get jiji's plushie :( saving for japan and i've spent too much already OTL
my haikyuu otp is kuroken and i fangirl about them way too much hahaha. i also like kagehina, iwaoi, bokuaka, daisuga, tsukiyama...most of the main ships.
yes having so many otps really drains your wallet ._.

I play touran since around 2 months ago, but still no kogi and hotarumaru :"")
they're nowhere to be found *sincerely grinding 5-3 hundred times and smithing various recipe everyday* I swear if they finally come home I'm gonna make them cleaning horse poop everyday even the status if already max *evil grind*
i'm kinda busy with my uni life too but luckily this semester will end in few days, a little bit more until holiday :") hbu?

are u planning to go to Japan? that's awesome! ^^
Il y a 2 ans
rumichuu (Il y a 2 ans) #3066717that's crazy i could buy a bunch of kujis and figures with 20000 yen LOL
yeah it's strange why there's a sudden limited re-release from sunrise. why not just re-release in all stores? it's obviously selling well if makoto and haru sold out that fast. i would buy double on amiami haha!
its okay i love discussing otps and characters :) i'm a multishipper so i can ship most pairings and talk about them however ^^ for free! my otp is rinharu/harurin though i will also ship sousuke/haru/rin/makoto/kisumi in any combination~ makoharu is mainly my brotp though, favourite character is rin but i love haru/makoto/sousuke too! (okay i just love everyone).
touran my otp is mitsukuri and kogimika, favourite character is ookurikara. also like nakigitsune,taroutachi, kiyomitsu, kogitsune, mikazuki, mitsutada, tsurumaru, izumi...lol
how about your otps and fave chars? for haikyuu as well ^^

I GOT MY MAKO PLUSH!! *SCREAMMM* XD *sorry I'm just too happy right now and want to tell you*
I got him from my facebook friend which is a local seller around 50$ or 5000yen (include EMS shipping etc) there's only mako and no haru.. but getting mako is already more than enough XD I'm gonna search for haru later~
my favorite char in free is haru and makoto(okay I love haru a little bit more),and fav otp is makoharu ^^ I ship SouRin too since they're too adorable <3

do you play touran as well? did you buy this jiji plush ITEM #287775 ? my most fav char is tsurumaru (you may already know by my profile pic), but for otp is kogimika.. for haikyuu I ship KageHina the most ^^ and sometimes TsukiYama~ how bout u?
*too much otps can make me go broke I know orz
Il y a 2 ans
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