threeaw1threeaw1 I'M SELLING OFF A LOT OF MY COLLECTION!!! (see below). QQ

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0Il y a 28 jours (Il y a 24 jours)threeaw1threeaw1
SOLD! No Japanese figure collection is complete without a tentacle monster!!! =p
Selling mine. Like new. Never displayed. Kept stored away. 1/8 scale. I assume they measured its "monster parts" to determine the scale.
0Il y a 1 mois (Il y a 12 jours)threeaw1threeaw1
sold QQ Selling Metatron. PM me if interested.
0Il y a 1 mois (Il y a 3 jours)threeaw1threeaw1
Selling Hentai Series vol. milking 01(red ver), rodeo 02(red ver), tentacles 03(black ver).
Used. Like new. Never displayed. Kept stored. PM me if interested.
item #214976
item #236514
item #264314
0Il y a 1 moisthreeaw1threeaw1
4th of July ebay sale - selling off my collection. ε=ε=ε=┌(;*´Д`)ノ
[ext link ]
0Il y a 1 mois (Il y a 1 mois)threeaw1threeaw1
Selling Aoto + Yuta together. Azone Ex Cute PureNeemo. March Tea Party.
Opened but never displayed. Like new.
[ext link ]

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