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My name is sami and I'm a big fan of UTAU/Vocaloid, Kasane Teto in particular
I also love Chihiro Fujisaki from Danganronpa!

I mostly collect anything of the above mentioned characters, Nendoroids, CDs, keychains and artbooks.

If you feel like we have common interests, don't be afraid to send me a FR!


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1Il y a 8 moischiyuunchiyuun GRADUATION FROM LIE
1Il y a 11 moisJadenXJadenX
Happy Birthday!! :D
1Il y a 1 anCetraMagicCetraMagic
unicornflakes (Il y a 1 an) #12115027Hi, I found that you also like Teto and Meiko, those are my faves as well ♥
Cool! Yes Teto and Meiko are my babies <3
1Il y a 1 anmurdochmurdoch
unicornflakes (Il y a 1 an) #10110083Ah, thank you! And Teto really is amazing, isn't she? ^-^

For sure, she is definitely my favorite! I even prefer her voicebank over the official vocaloid voicebanks, she's so freaking fabulous. Happy to see another Teto fan!
1Il y a 1 anmurdochmurdoch
Hell yeah! I love your Teto collection, she is the best!

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