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0Il y a 9 joursSephsloverSephslover
Hello, ziq! ^^

I'm sorry for disturbing you but I'd like to know if I'll be able to get the Touken Ranbun Suwarasetai Vol.2 from you.

If not, could you please let me know so I can buy it from a seller on eBay while it's still available?

Thank you very much for your attention! ^.~

Btw, sorry for posting a message here but your inbox's full.
0Il y a 2 moisisameilleisameille
ziq (Il y a 2 mois) #23293838Hi. Please clear your inbox)

Hi there's some space now.

I'm out of the country though so access to wifi may be limited and contact may be delayed, my apologies for any inconvenience this will cause.

I will be back in the US on July 22 though!
0Il y a 4 moisziqziq
heroizumi (Il y a 4 mois) #20995913Your inbox is full~ I sent payment but I need to send you my address.

OK! You can write now
0Il y a 4 moisheroizumiheroizumi
Your inbox is full~ I sent payment but I need to send you my address.
0Il y a 8 moissneakyfelinesneakyfeline
Your inbox is full. I hope you feel well soon.

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