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  • Had a shipping Problem but JFigure has been superb in support!

    Previously had a problem with the item being shipped to another country and wasn't able to make contact with them to make the change until AFTER the item has left Japan (I did send them messages).

    UPDATE 9/17/17: Yay! After almost 3 months Return Shipment is finally successful (partly the delay is from my local side of Postal Service) and they're preparing to ship it to my correct address as I write this, even covering the shipping costs. They've been outstanding in following up this issue with me from start to finish. Great shop, great customer support! Definitely recommended.
    Il y a 3 mois
    When you check out with your PayPal account, it sometimes overwrites shipping address registered there even if you write a different shipping address at our website.
    But we have to apologize for the case as our mistake because you left a message at the order confirmation and we missed it.
    As you know, we are working to get back the parcel from Phillipines and resend it to the address you originally wanted. We agreed to pay the difference of shipping cost.
    Once again, sorry for your inconvenience and we greatly appreciate your help in working on the post office.
  • Jfigure is a good option to buy figure

    -Reply to inquire pretty fast
    -decent shipping rate
    -figure was wrap well to prevent damage
    -legit figure
    -1 week wait for them to ship it
    -website should have a condition of the figure

    overall: i would recommend them even though website does not look that great
    Il y a 4 mois
  • Great Experience

    Ordered Fire Emblem Sallya/Tharja from them. Item was as described and came quick via Sal shipping. Definitely recommend for hard to find figures for a great price.
    Il y a 8 mois
  • Ordered a figure ended up not receiving it, got no refund.

    Ended up with someone else's package in the mail. Jfigure won't replace it without a damaged report from USPS that I am unable to file as "I am not the sender".

    Basically I'm out 240 dollars (over 20 hours of my pay) and have received no figure, nor a refund/replacement. I understand that it may not have been their fault I got someone's package that was not mine, but given I ordered an item, never received it, and they have my money. If you're going to do business by online mail you need to be liable. Anyway, I got royally screwed especially since I can basically afford one figure a year.
    Il y a 10 mois
    It was post office's mistake that your order was switched with someone else's.
    It usually takes 1-2 months and rather complicated process to get refund from them.

    Understanding your frustration, we have already sent a replacement without waiting for the post office. (BTW, we are still waiting for their response.)

    Sorry for your inconvenience but hope you understand that we did our best to solve your problem.
  • No good

    ended up with a bootleg and a empty box luckily they took it back and gave our money back
    Il y a 1 an
    We cannot identify the specific case from your post but sorry for your inconvenience.

    We buy our product from reliable Japanese dealers and individual collectors always avoiding a bootleg. Nevertheless, it sometimes happens that we find one during the final inspection before shipping. That's maybe the reason why we had to ask you to give up your order.

    We apologize again and promise to do our best in quality control.
  • 36 évaluations
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