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ponnieponnieIl y a 6 ans
Hello, MFC! ~

Today I want to make a review of Flandre Scarlet by Orchid Seed: ITEM #117942.

This will be more of an essay than review, since I do not feel like looking at every corner of the figure nor I intend to be objective (I'm in love with this figure how could I judge her!), so I'll just cover some key points about the figure and her assembly and give a score. Picture heavy!

When I first saw this adorable flying cutie, I knew this will be my first and only Touhou figure (unless they do other GK's by Glemo :3). I was dying to get her since she was up for pre-order ages ago. She wasn't delayed and got released just recently in late October. I never expected her to arrive in just a week, but looks like AmiAmi Airmail is 3-4 times faster than SAL! Knowing it's Orchid Seed I was sure she'll be nicely painted and assembled but, well... looks like most Orchid Seed figures have some issues (mainly paint transfers or loose fitting) and Flandre is no exception.

Her base. Her adorable macaron base is her greatest flaw, to be honest. It's very tricky and she needs a stable display space, preferrably a glass cabinet. Why? Her base comes in 4 parts:
- base
- support pole
- macaron
- wire with a seat to place Flandre on

So, you see, it is a challenge to balance them all so that Flandre could sit on it safely. After some struggle I figured a way to place her securely:
- fit the macaron on the base
- fit the wire to the macaron
- fit the pole to the base
- carefully adjust the wire (some strength required) so that the seat is parallel to the base and doesn't warp the pole when attached to it
- position Flandre on her seat and do not move her or she will fall down and damage herself

Another moment that kind of spoils the satisfaction is her donuts. She comes with 3 donuts that can be attached to her dress, hand, shoe etc. But you have to glue them on! This kind of ruins the pleasure of having options, because I personally do not feel like gluing anything to her. Not even with blu-tack or anything similar, no. However, I can display her tiny donuts with the gigantic macaron :3

That's all I can say about the disadvantages of the figure. Seriously.

She's great, let me tell you why:
- She comes with three faces and you can change them.
- The hat is detachable.
- The painting and sculpting is extraudinary knowing she's smaller than a figma.
- Her wings are amazingly crisp.
- She has quite some shading, too! Her legs and hands are nicely shaded, and so is her dress.
- It's a rare combination of small size, quality and overall appeal because of her unique style. Really stands out even when compared with bigger figures.
- She's sturdy! Being that tiny her intricate and delicate parts are made of softer PVC which makes handling her far easier because it's hard to break her.

Flandre is a little treasure when attached to her delicious macaron base and is a definite eye candy. Picky people might find some seamlines, but hey! She's 10 cm tall hair included, I won't be this judgemental.

I said all, now picture time!

Box is simple cardboard with windows and color print, not the top quality but pretty much does it's job by being sturdy and compact.

http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/thumbnails/ponnie1384005351.jpeg http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/thumbnails/ponnie1384005353.jpeg http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/thumbnails/ponnie1384005355.jpeg http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/thumbnails/ponnie1384005357.jpeg http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/thumbnails/ponnie1384005359.jpeg

Out we go!

This is a little extra for the size comparison. See, she's palmtop tiny ^^

Thanks for reading, I hope you like the review and this adorable Flandre :3
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Нереально милая! *.* Ваши фото всё-таки сподвигли меня пойти оплатить заказ :)
Il y a 6 ans
ahh, i really wish she would cost less with that size, she's really cute ;v;
Il y a 6 ans
Great review! I didn't even know about this figure before but now I want her. She's so adorable + that macaron base. It looks like a challenge to assemble though. >__<
Il y a 6 ans
Ohh. Great pics. This review makes me even more excited to receive her in the mail! I'm not a touhou fan, but I like her chara & design.

WatchJessieGoIl y a 6 ans#1828422So sad I missed out on this one. SOMEDAY.
www.amiami.com/... ? ^^
Il y a 6 ans
Dayum, they really tried hard on that macaron.
Pretty small, but she turned out great! Awesome review! ^^
Il y a 6 ans
WatchJessieGo Magical Girl
So sad I missed out on this one. SOMEDAY.
Il y a 6 ans
Leosach Born this way
You just made me desire this one
Il y a 6 ans
JCLC spaghetti-sama
asasdfghjkl I am soooo excited to get mine! She should be here on Monday~ it's so hard to wait after seeing these photos! Thanks for sharing :333
Il y a 6 ans
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