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RAH Hei's MisadventuresRAH Hei's Misadventures

AnnieAzuraAnnieAzuraIl y a 5 ansReview
Ok then!! it's been like forever since my last review cuz i've just been lazy. I've had all these pics taken and editted too, just didn't get to the writing til today, so maybe I'm a little rusty. Disclaimer: I do not really pay too much attention to grammar and punctuation in my reviews cuz they are more or less stream of consciousness.

Welcome to the RAH Hei review!!....sorta....and this is why i can't really do articulate figure review....cuz it's just too much fun messing with them XD. After the review, Hei goes on a little tour in my room...He is one of only 800 copies of Hei ever made. This plus the fact that it's a Real Action Hero makes him the most expensive in my whole collection. I bought him opened and used from Mandarake. RAHs are generally considered non-scaled but they are kinda 1/6 scale height i believe. correct me if I'm wrong.

Box and packing:

The box is a decent SALable size. a bit on the heavy side tho. The flap is magnetically clasped to the box body.


it comes with these papers that I have no idea what they are because my japanese is rusty like an anchor that's been under the ocean for a bajillion years.


The blister with all his goodies. not that many, but Hei doesn't really have much in the show.


side of blister. it's more of a figma type blister than a scaled figure/nendo blister if you know what I mean. the clam shells overlap instead of go face to face.


I comes with a clear stand and base. the stand assembles like this. the cluffs are different sized options. you dont have to use them all.



Here is Hei saying Hi. lol


His face is pretty blank, but that's how he is cuz he has no emotions really. I like him like that :P


His clothes are made of real pleather (plastic-leather, so fake leather) and metal and plastic buckles like all other RAHs. his hands are made of all plastic tho. no pleather gloves to take off


His utility belt is made of plastic and polyester(?) cloth band thing. umm same thing those backpack adjustable straps are made of. there are multiple pack things on the belt, but they are just for decor. The hem of his trench coat are very well done.


His shoes like his hands/gloves are plastic; rather simple and practical for assassination purposes.


His back. this is how the stand goes around him. tho isn't necessary since he can stand relatively well on his own. Id just rather be more safe than sorry.


The back of his hair is nicely made in my opinion. And you can see the detail on the back of his collar.


The back of the trench coat has a bit of a spit for ease of moving around I guess.


He comes with closed fists. I'm horrible at action poses.... :( he's like rawr I punch....kinda....


He also comes with his signature double bladed knives! a pair of unsheathed and a pair sheathed. I really like these! They are very detailed given how small they are.


The sheathed pair doesn't unsheathe into knives, but the handles do come off so it seems like there aren't knives in the holsters. very nice.


Another attempt at action posing. Hei is seriously awesome in the show with his knives!


He comes with hollow fists to hold his knives with!


And a head with his mask on! it's to hide his face when he's doing assassinations.


The trench coat could be removed! Another perk of an RAH :) And the dark green insides of the jacket is faithfully reproduced from the show! In the show it's supposed to be bullet proof ya know!


Hei without the trench coat. the knife holsters clip onto the sides of his belt thing like that. tho practically, it's pretty hard to wear the coat with these on.


This inside shirt is also made of pleather. the straps made of plastic-y cloth. One thing I have to complain about is that I can't take off the shirt any further. I mean, sure this is what he wears in the main series, but who can forget the OVA where he just wears a black tank top underneath!! I mean if the show is gonna go out of its way to say how extremely sexy Hei's collarbones are, I would have hoped they would reproduce it in figure form! hmph! my inner fangirl is not appeased!


Ahem.... Here's a closer look at the packs on his belt. Also, the joints of the hands are easily visible without the coat, so I dont like him without it really.


He has a leg belt thing too. it's like a garter lol. again, the pack is only for decor and can't be opened.


it's attached to his waist belt so it doesn't fall off. (reminds me of the mess that was my roommate's Attack on Titans cosplay belt >.>; oh the horror)


his chest straps connect to a small backpack like thing on his back! I never even knew he had that from the show! the zipper however is fake and can't be opened, but it's a really nice added detail!


He also comes with a separate mask accessory.


This one is not from the extra head and can't be put onto his face. Merely a prop held like so.


The front strap comes off and there are various velcro pieces on his body to secure the straps in the right place.


the belt comes apart but does not come off because of all the plastic things.... And yes, the pants can be opened via a velcro fly, but nothing exciting there, ladies (and dudes). You can just see the leg articulations. What did you expect? >.> and no....no pictures of his nonexistent junk.


Hei puts his coat back on.


Hei posing to take out his knife for some serious action!

(The rest of the review is just Hei's random shenanigans You have been warned)


and by serious, I mean just this really... Kyouko: "I see you're stabbing my ride....that's cool"


Looks like Hei got an eye out for Celty! leather clad and sexy is his type I guess!


And Hei is imitating Izaya's pose! I can look cool like that too he says!


While riding around my room on my pikachu pillow pet, he finds my corkboard! hmmmm.....


"I like this one. I will have this one" Homura seems happy to be chosen~


Hei tries to imitate Sebastian too!


"I can be sexy like that too ya know!"


"oh...my...gosh...what are these things and can I eat them?" oh noes! I forgot Hei is a huge glutton for food! No, dont eat the donut kitties!


"Heyyyyyyy sexy ladies~"


only really COOL men wear trench coats! Hei is classy too!


Haha that was fun. I'm settling Hei into my collection with this pose. He had lots of fun playing in my room!


As a fan of Darker than Black and Hei, I'd say this was a must have! it was very expensive on my wallet, but I actually got him for a pretty good deal opened and all. This is my first RAH (and probably last) so given that I have nothing to compare to, I think I really like him. Good sculpt, clean paint job, fun to play with. There are some not so great things like how the pleather clothing kind of restricts movement to a certain degree, how the neck looks kinda off proportion without the trench coat, and that the stand is kinda ugly, but since I dont really need it, it's no big deal. And the lack of collarbone fanservice >:(. Otherwise I'm satisfied with my one memorabilia from this show. Now if only they would make a Yin figure....she's so adorable why wouldn't anyone want to make one D:
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Ahhh those last pictures were hilarious! I love this figure soo much!
I really need him too! But he is soo expensive. ;x;
I agree with you 100%, I would buy a YIN without even thinking about it.
Instant buy.
Great review darling! <3
Il y a 3 ans
Haha at Hei creeping on Celty. That'd be me too.

He is a true real action hero. His weapons and coat is really cool.

Seeing your CC/Kallen beach combo you have makes me want to buy them as Kallen is my favorite character.
Il y a 5 ans
Excellent review. I love all the pictures of Hei having fun in your room.
Il y a 5 ans
Sherlock and Sebastian photos made me laugh. Awesome review!
Il y a 5 ans
I especially loved the last parts seeing how he interacts with your other figures
Il y a 5 ans
Take Virile Insatiable Beast
You succeeded in keeping me interested during the whole review while I don't give a damn about the show or RAH. Very nice article indeed !

I love the pictures at the end, and especially the ones with the Beach Queens. That was brilliant x)
Il y a 5 ans
Love the Sebastian pose! Very nice review. Now I have to try to get my Hei out of his box.
Il y a 5 ans
ghirahim Needs more Kyouko
Those last photos were a really nice addition! Great review ^-^
Il y a 5 ans
Jofuu 〜Q☆N*・♪
LOL! This is a great set. I love this kind of humor is figure pics and thanks for sharing all the Hei :)
Il y a 5 ans
WAH!!! He looks so awesome!!! I love Hei so much!
Thanksfor the lovely review! Loved all the photos!
Now I want RAH Hei too ;_;
Il y a 5 ans
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