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cuccoslayercuccoslayerIl y a 6 ans
I was wondering on how I should go about repainting the left side of her chest? I ordered her from an eBay seller which there was no visible paint transfer on the item and the pics were not stock photos however, she was a used figure. The item arrived today with no original packaging, only the figure in separate pieces within the same bag. The paint from the tail transferred to her chest leaving a huge mark. I did some reading up and managed to remove most of the paint which is apparent in the picture. I cant remove any more do to fear of removal of paint plus she has already suffered from some paint damage upon removal. Was curious how difficult would it be to repaint that section? I do have some artistic knowledge but have never painted a figure so I am unsure of what kind of paint and materials to use. Is this a lost cause or is there hope? Thank you in advance.
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She's a prize figure, so her skin shouldn't be completely painted. MAGGIE's article on paint removal has done many users well in the past :)
Il y a 6 ans
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