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Leo22334455Leo22334455Il y a 6 ans
Hey guys! Today I’m back with another figure review of the December released Super high school level Figure Junko Enoshima by Algernon~


I only received her recently due to being overseas for a while however now that I have her let’s get this review cracking!
(Btw the shine in the photo wasn’t intentional…)

I preordered Junko via Big in Japan and shipped to a friend via registered SAL which was a little stupid of me as the box got crushed during delivery. Thankfully the figure itself wasn’t damaged but we did discover there wasn’t enough padding in the box with the figure, so a little disappointed with BiJ.

About Junko:

*NOTE I will do my best to have spoilers hidden appropriately where possible (however to be honest. It’s all spoilers ahaha)*

Junko comes from the game (on PSP) Super Dangan Ronpa 2 the second game set after Dangan Ronpa, which she also makes an appearance in. In the first game she is given the title ‘Super High School Level Fashion Girl (or “Gyaru” in the Japanese game)’ this is shown via her hairstyle, long legs and slender figure.

Voir le spoilerCacher le spoiler

However in the first game it is revealed that she is actually “Super High School Level Despair” pretty much just a girl who enjoys bringing despair about the world and in the second game, continues her passion. The outfit shown is her mastermind appearance, differing in the hair ties, and tie compared to her ‘first appearance’ in Dangan Ronpa.

Now that introductions are over let’s move on!


H: 31cm
W: 20.5cm
L: 17cm

As mentioned before my box did get crushed during transit so I apologise for the creases in some images. That being said the box is made of corrugated cardboard, which protected the figure fairly well.

In regards to the design of the box it is ridiculously plain. However I have this feeling in my gut that it works well but not extremely well. It’s very simple adorned the school emblem and subtle floral print over the top and sides making it a little grander (just like Junko ahhahahaah). Though in a few ways Algernon could have been a little more creative with it.


It has two panels, the main large one at the front and the smaller monokuma evil eye (what do I even call that) on the back. The back panel is a little pointless since you can’t really see what’s inside at all.

(Left , Right sides)

Both left and right sides of the box are the same and under the school emblem is a sort of enticing introduction about this Junko figure.


The bottom is covered in disclaimers and the top is the repeated school emblem for Hope Academy.


The inside is a two piece blister with the top sliding completely over the bottom on the sides which doubled the strength of the plastic I would say. Also probably why my figure isn’t snapped in two :D.

Plastic sheets are wrapped around Junko to prevent paint transfer and a slip of plastic around her tie. The base is also wrapped in a bag of its own.

Overall I think the packaging is very strong and sturdy and as demonstrated can endure some impact and keep the figure protected. But in terms of appeal I don’t really see it as a wow factor. It fits the character, but could have had a little more ‘something’ to make it stand out.





The base has a diameter of 16cm and is made of red, slightly transparent plastic. There isn't much to say about it as it is pretty boring. I can say that it has thick pegs which hold Junko and Monokuma quite sturdily. On the underside is the Hopes Academy emblem again ( they must really like their emblem)which can be seen faintly on the other side of the base .

Fairly plain and rather uncreative base however better than a plain, solid coloured base.


Since this is Algernon’s second scale I wasn’t really sure what to expect so I tend to look at painting and sculpting in particular.

First lets have a quick 360 of the figure:




Firstly I had a close look at Monokuma at 8cm tall. Usually with something so simple I wouldn’t really expect anything wrong but if I had to be SUPER picky it would be the strange seam lines on the top of the head and ears and the very rough painting on the teeth (seen in the images below).

(seam lines on top of head)


Also personal thought is that monokuma’s head isn’t round enough. Which makes him less cute, the proportions are a little different to what I expected. It's more stretched (upwards), though that is me being a picky asshole.



Measuring 26cm tall the first thing that I noticed about Junko was the amazing sculpting, particularly the legs and the hair. The pose is faithful to the character and putting in monokuma is an excellent addition!

Though closer inspection shows a lot of mould residue on some parts such as the hands and hairties as well as some super obvious seams, the main issue being the collar, which was a separate piece, not being fully stuck on. The badges on her shirt were also quite sloppily painted but I was overall very impressed paint job wise as the laces on her shoes and even her nails were meticulously painted.

(residue on hands)

(obvious seams on hair)

(gap where the piece should be stuck down)



(BEAUTIFULLY painted laces)

Another minor problem I had with the sculpting was that the tie did not go all the way around her neck, but rather sort of merged into her collar. A little bit lazy though its a very minor issue.

(continuity of tie errors aahaha)

I also wanted to mention her superbly accurate face. The part I loved most. Her eyes are striking and correspond to the art style of the game (Although the blue is a little uncomfortably sharp) and her touch of light pink lipstick (I might add extra gloss myself). Though as a few people aside from myself have pointed out, Junko's hair is cream, rather than the brown Algernon has chosen.

There is some light shading on the skin and the rest is solid colours. Although the amazing sculpting really does make up for it as the natural shadows from lighting bring the figure to life.


Section below is NSFW

Voir le spoilerCacher le spoiler


Interestingly as it was never revealed in any of the games what Junkos underwear looked like ( all but Junko’s underwear are shown in Dangan Ronpa 1/2 reload) I can see that Algernon improvised and tried to create something matching.

EDIT: As seen in the comments below her underwear IS based off official material however differs to the original design which does indeed match the bra.

I feel the current rendition doesn’t really match her bra, they could have done without the red lining....Algernon what you doing ;A;

Overall I’m happy with this figure despite the slightly ridiculous price. The flaws I mentioned are all very small or hardly noticeable or just strange personal preferences. She is very gorgeous and I can’t wait for Komaeda ;; My favourite character out of these games _(:3

For people that haven’t played the games or watched the anime it might be best to try grab her second hand or see her in person and decide as, let be honest, she is pricey. To buy a figure you know nothing about at that price is worth consideration. But if you are a fan of Dangan Ronpa (or Super Dangan Ronpa 2) having one of the first proper scales would be a great addition to your collection~

(Some extra photos!)





Thanks for reading! If you have any feedback or questions please comment below and I’ll do my best to get back to you~ Upupu ~

Till next time~
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Thank you for the review. Indeed, there are a number of defects but you just cannot notice them with those killer legs! Still, might want to try to get her when her price drops a little. Maybe something around 7000 yen could be fair, right?
Il y a 6 ans
PwinsuIl y a 6 ans#1961797it doessnt seem to be a improvised panty
in this list her panty does have the evil eye but just not the red lines on the side i guess its actually more like a lacy thong

ohhh thanks! Is this from the 1/2 reload book? (because if it is I havent see it before!)
Thanks for showing me! If its a lacy thing it really makes things a lot better~
Il y a 6 ans
it doessnt seem to be a improvised panty


in this list her panty does have the evil eye but just not the red lines on the side i guess its actually more like a lacy thong
Il y a 6 ans
shinhawkIl y a 6 ans#1961183Despite some rough paint and seams, this rendition of Junko is pretty damn sexy! :)

Yes! after reading my review over I sound quite pessimistic but this figure makes me really happy!
she is absolutely gorgeous and I really like her ;v;)
Il y a 6 ans
Despite some rough paint and seams, this rendition of Junko is pretty damn sexy! :)
Il y a 6 ans
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