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I ask you fellow MFCers! Who is your favorite Vocaloid and which song do you like the best and which song did you discover him or her?

Does not have to be from Crypton, also not limited to Japanese Vocaloids. No UTAU's please (I don't have anything against them)

My favorite Vocaloid is IA

Discovered her with:

This song was what pushed her above Luka to first place!

Add to the poll below if your favorite isn't listed as I can't remember them all.

List of Vocaloids:

Edit- forgot to add poll! lol
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Favorite Vocaloid

1%Luo Tianyi
0%Akoi Lapis
0%Sweet Ann
0%Big Al
0%Tonoe Rion
2%I do not like vocaloid
1%Nekomura Iroha
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Gumi is the one that got me into Vocaloids, looooove herrrrr, but i just can't stop listening to IA's songs lately there's really awesome ones x.x
Il y a 5 ans
Luka's a close second.
Il y a 6 ans
KeripoIl y a 6 ans#1988629 I would have to agree with that, also depending on the user there are others that made Luka, Miku sound like a real person singing. Looking at how I discovered IA I really thought it was Lia singing IA's promotion song but it wasn't. Since IA is voiced by Lia thats another plus for me.

TrafalgarRinIl y a 6 ans#1988517 I added a link of Vocaloids, I do recommend checking them out

PoyanyoIl y a 6 ans#1988638 Didn't forget Yuzuki, I saved this post so I wouldn't lose the poll again but sadly after my net died on me lol

FrysteIl y a 6 ans#1988613 That's also why Luka was my #1 favorite till IA, Luka's Rip_Release, Akahitoha and Magnet really got me

ippikiokamiotakuIl y a 6 ans#1988838 Added a link to a list of Vocaloids, there are some where I haven't heard of either
Il y a 6 ans
Its been a while since i discovered vocaloid
i discovered miku probably trough touhou music vids
i enjoyed the weird touhou vids that were made and i think i found um (probably triple baka but not sure)

anyway mozaik role from deco with gumi is my fave gumi song
i first got to like gumi from cover songs with her
and i mainly listened to kagamine rin and miku not actually to gumi its weird

my taste changed over the years and gumi became my fave since gumi vocaloid 3 got out

its hard to pick a fave vocaloid because most there voices are not very special by itself it really depends on who makes music of them and for example supercell is 1 of my fave music groups and they only used miku

kz livetune is great and he uses miku
also i love deco*27 at times too but thats also switched from gumi to miku

picking a fave vocaloid tends to depend on design + music that is made with them
Il y a 6 ans
KeripoIl y a 6 ans#1988629
Here's the original video that won my heart:
"Coward Mont Blanc" by DECO*27, feat GUMI, 2010


Wow sound nice, I like it. and that school uniform really looks the same with my elementary school uniform
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Some of these vocaloids I had to search on youtube because I have never heard of them before. However, my favorite is Luka.
Il y a 6 ans
miku - weekender girl
Il y a 6 ans
My favourite is Kaito with Len a really close second.
His first song I heard was Oyasumi no Uta (much thanks to soraru's cover) and my favourite probably has to be Love*3 (huge sucker for ballads)!
Il y a 6 ans
reposted// otl
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No Yuzuki? :C

I'd have to say my top favorites are Miku, Gumi, Yuzuki, and SeeU.
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