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Joint Review: Alter DizzyJoint Review: Alter Dizzy

AnimaGTAnimaGTIl y a 4 ansReview
Hello, and welcome to the ⅛ Dizzy joint review, hosted by AnnieAzura and AnimaGT! This is our first time trying this format, so please bear with us! Dizzy belongs to AnimaGT, while the pictures were taken by AnnieAzura.

AnnieAzura: Hello everyone! I’m AnnieAzura! Though you can call me Annie!
AnimaGT: Hi! I’m AnimaGT, the metalhead Otaku

AnnieAzura: hmmm.... “metalhead”.... *puts magnet to your head* LOL. Anyways! As much as I love how Dizzy looks, I know nothing about her, so here’s AnimaGT to explain the nitty gritty!

AnimaGT: Ok, a little background on her origin: Dizzy is a fan favorite character from the popular Guilty Gear series created by Arc System works. The Guilty Gear series started off on the original Playstation and had a brief appearance on the Dreamcast, though most of the X2 series was predominantly on the PS2 with some ports here and there. The series is known for it fast fighting gameplay, its iconic heavy metal soundtrack, and its slew of interesting characters who btw are named after musical references (Dizzy being a Guns N’ Roses reference). Dizzy is notable for being the only Half human and Half Gear in the series and has quite the prominent role concerning some bits with the story.

AnnieAzura: Mmm sounds interesting. Too bad i don’t have that console.Let’s take a look at her box and packaging!



AnimaGT: the box is quite standard and its under the Guilty gear Accent Core label which at the time was the most up to date version. The front is nice and straight to the point while the non window side and the back are really stylish

AnnieAzura: errr what’s.....”accent core”...?

AnimaGT: lol Accent Core is the name to one of the many revisions to the Guilty Gear X2 series. Accent Core was the last set of revisions with the main difference is some balancing, new moves, and characters. This sort of thing is common in fighting games, particularly older ones like Guilty Gear

AnnieAzura:........this is going all over my head right now..... OK as he’s talking about that, let’s look at her blister packing! :P


AnnieAzura: It sure was nice of Alter to pack her wings folded up neatly beside her separately to save up on box space! Or else we’d have to pay huge for shipping like a certain other winged goddess... *cough*Madoka*cough*

AnimaGT: Why yes, unlike other winged ladies, Dizzy’s wing are packaged quite nicely and the blister itself is secured by only one twist tie and standard tape/square indent seals.

AnnieAzura: She also has a few sheets of plastic wrapped around all her parts to ensure no paint transfer. Though I did notice that one of the plastic sheets were starting to give off a kind of oil. Must be because the figure is old and still hasn’t been open. The oil gave off that fresh Ultimate Madoka smell (you people that own her knows how much she smelled straight out of the box x_X).

AnimaGT: Nothing quite like the smell of plastic in the morning er...afternoon...er night time....whenever

AnnieAzura: haha quite.

AnimaGT: Now that we gotten past the packaging let’s move on to the base, our appetizer before the main PVC course



AnnieAzura: The base has this black and silver Yin Yang motif to it that matches very well to Dizzy’s design. It has the logo with her name on it as well as raised areas where Dizzy’s feet connect to make it seem like she’s almost tiptoeing on air. What do you think, Anima?

AnimaGT: I initially mistook the feet pegs as extension of her heels but as I’ve been recently educated, that doesn’t seem to be the case lol.

AnnieAzura: HAHA boys and their lack of knowledge on heels. ANYWAYS!

AnimaGT: The base is solid, minimalist in design but effective.

AnnieAzura: Don’t forget well balanced! Dizzy’s pose makes it look like she’s leaning forward, but this base keeps her stable. Oh, speaking of Dizzy, I guess it’s finally time to move on to the beauty herself?

AnimaGT: Onward to our feature presentation!!



AnnieAzura: How pretty!!! even without her wings, she’s the perfect mix of cute, sexy, and refined. Now tell me, Anima, how do you feel about owning this spectacle?

AnimaGT: Lemme put it this way, she so dang stunning that I literally set her on the display near my bed, so that I can wake up everyday to see the beauty, first thing in the morning.


AnnieAzura: I absolutely LOVE red eyes. and it contrasts so well with her pale skin and dark blue hair. Actually I just love all her colors in general. the yellow ribbon with the blue hair, the pale skin with the red eyes, the dark and white contrast of her clothes

AnimaGT: I’ll definitely have to agree with you there. I’m also a big fan of the color design in particular the gradient effects placed in the paint job, it accentuates the details such as those found in her hair where the darker shades of blue perfectly compliment her base paint.

AnnieAzura: Her face is just so cute, with the small nose and the slightly parted mouth, like she’s about to say something. Wonder what? Oh and did you notice the collarbone? mm-mmm~ very nice.

AnimaGT: Yeah I like how it leads into her shoulders really well. I personally love her choker, its really cool looking and I dare say sexy.

AnnieAzura: Oh yes, I definitely agree. Chokers in general makes the wearer’s neck seem thinner and more elegant. I personally love them, and Dizzy works it very well. Is it supposed to be leather?

AnimaGT: Well in the artwork it comes off as a bit of a cloth feel, but it could be a very smooth leather like those in belts or common chokers.

AnnieAzura: I see. That makes sense. I would also like to point out how intricately sculpted her two buckles are at her front. Though they kinda remind me of old seat belt buckles ^^; You can even see the 4 little dents on each one.

AnimaGT: Alter sure went mad with detail when it came to the detail on this one.

AnnieAzura: I’ve never been disappointed with a single Alter figure. Each one leaves me thoroughly impressed by the amount of details and precision that goes above and beyond all expectations.

AnimaGT: Its worth it despite their infamous reputation of delaying their releases.

AnnieAzura: Which is why people call them lAter, right? XD


AnnieAzura: Moving down lower now, we get to feast our eyes on Dizzy’s revealing, yet gorgeous outfit. Her sleeves are huge compared to the lack of cloth at the torso. Dizzy modestly tries to cover her exposed front with her right sleeve, her small hand lightly clenched in front of her. It is so cute in the subtlest of ways!

AnimaGT: The pose does very well to convey modesty as well as sex appeal. The color contrast found in the torso is well executed, Dizzy’s fair skin clashes with the harsh black but the trails of white in her outfit ease it in. Her hands are well positioned and seem to be scaled quite well to one another, with some good attention placed on the form of the fingers. Oh let us not forget about the sweet set of boobs, they come in a great size being fairly large while maintaining a beautiful roundness to them, they appear to be very very soft, so soft that you could just lay your head down on them and go to town on....

AnnieAzura: AHEM!! I think you’re leaving the purpose of the review a bit, no? XD Now reel it back in.....



AnimaGT: As we reach the bottom of the torso leading towards the legs, we get to see the the bottom of Dizzy’s jacket which has these perfectly painted white stripes with the gold buckles at the ends of them. Such a well job was done on these details, there doesn’t seem to be any noticeable paint spill and the transition lines are excellently crisp.

AnnieAzura: Her cute belly button as well as the skin right by the clothing is accented with the slightest skin tone gradient here. As you can see, the black straps at on her thighs and her stockings appear to dig into her flesh in a natural way, implying that she has some healthy fat on her thighs.

AnimaGT: I’m a fan of those straps on her costume and how they start um leading to her...um ...yeah...thong?

AnnieAzura: That’s not a thong though.... covers too much to be one. ummm what is that?

AnimaGT: yeah...its um...just some kind of weird panty thing that just covers her front half...I guess.

AnnieAzura: *screaming to the heavens* WHAT IS THIS MADNESS?! ahem. Let’s just call it a panty thing. Though it seems she can’t really take off her jacket without taking those off...o.O I hope she has something else under there....

AnimaGT: *whispers*….I don’t hehehe.


AnnieAzura: Next let’s look at her beautifully slender pair of legs. Her stockings are slightly shiny and smooth in texture. I’ve never encountered an actual smooth and shiny pair of stockings before, but it sure does look nice on figures. Her shoes are also to die for. I seriously want her shoes. the blue trimmings accents the white and contrasts with the black tights as well as the base. No paint error that I can see here.


AnimaGT: Girls and shoes I tells ya. Besides the stockings, the thing that just makes this figure so cute, is that ribbon attached to the end of her tail, matching the ones in her hair, so moe. The way the stocking clad legs are aligned in such a shy manner and with the ribbon tied to her tail, such cuteness. The sculpt perfectly captures this, being so attentive with the presentation of the smaller details like buttons on the shoes and stockings.


AnnieAzura: Here’s the back of the head where you see more gradients in her hair which gives the effect that her hair is pulled towards her two pigtails. The creases in the hair is also realistic.


AnimaGT: The holes for her wings look umm....kinda weird but ideally you’ll be displaying with her magnificent wings.

AnnieAzura: Yeah I guess. Also seems that the crease in her back is a bit awkward without the wings. It’s not an issue. Just saying them as I see them. The triangular belt loop and the creases of the clothes being pulled towards it is realistic. Good attention to detail. The way her arm squishes the sleeves against her body is also very realistic.


AnimaGT: Going down ;), we can see Dizzy’s tail protruding out from her backside. From this angle we can see that Dizzy has her butt arched upwards in a very sensual, yet shy positioning, very true to the character. Her tail stretches out from the top of her backside and curves towards the front.

AnnieAzura: >.> Is it me, or do you tend to like these innuendos...anyways, I really like how her skirt raises up. The skirt seems almost stiff here, like a pleather material.


AnnieAzura: The stockings bunch at the back of knees are also a great details. Feels very nice too. Also have to mention, the paint on the straps on the thighs....there’s a bit of a paint spill...only a little tho.

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AnimaGT: DAT ASS, here we get invasive. So Dizzy is clearly sporting some junk in the trunk, and we see that the tail comes from above the top of her butt. We also see that her bizarre panty thing only secures the front while the jacket teases with her glory.

AnnieAzura: woowwww.......SOMEONE has a lot to say about butts......I think I’ll just leave you with that >.>


AnimaGT: Her flirtatious pose, butt up, knees close to one another, hand shyly on the chest, soooooo HOT and MOE!!!!

AnnieAzura: I guess I’ll have to agree with that...but nice way of putting it >.>; Let me just add that the curvature of the hair is also flows very well with the rest of the figure.


AnimaGT: Being a hybrid of gear and human, she has two wings which represent her gear personalities, a reaper by the name of Necro, and her angelic wing named Undine.


AnimaGT: Necro’s paint job has a base coat of a very dark shade of yellow/green hue while the rest of the paint is accented with a close to black detailing over the accents of the face, feathers, and miscellaneous details.It gives Necro his very deathly appearence, true to his namesake.


AnnieAzura: The peg itself is not painted and the area around it is less attentive on QC as you can see from the seam line. It looks small, but after being attached, it is very sturdy.


AnnieAzura: What I also notice is that the bottom of Necro has a bit of a metalic gradient, almost like graphite was rubbed over the edges of the PVC. I’d say it looks appropriate. I really can’t tell if the body is actually inside the cloth....


AnimaGT: Necro’s arm extends in a very threatening pose,with his hand doing a very sinister gesture, complete with a set of ghoulish nails which lack of detail makes it look like sharp fingertips rather than nails. His hand looks as though as its about to launch one the many projectiles that Dizzy’s zoning gameplay style has.


AnnieAzura: Necro’s face is basically a skull. With knit eyebrows. And the nose hole looks like a upside-down heart! :D The hood also looks as if it’s tattered. Love the details


AnimaGT: The hood transitions very well into the feathers of Necro’s wing, the tattered dark cloak fades into the lighter feathers which arch into an upward motion giving the wing semblance


AnimaGT: Undine’s skin is a very light shade of blue while her clothing is a slightly brighter shade of blue. Her hair very beautifully transitions into the feather of the wings jutting towards one direction. The color coordination is smooth and makes the overall appearance majestic


AnnieAzura: her hair is light blue with some tinges of purple gradient. The conventional seam on the top of her is very well hidden but in a slightly unconventional place. It’s not actually at the partition between the bangs and the rest of the hair. The seam runs down to the back of her elfin ears.


AnnieAzura: Her face is so very serene. I’m a bit surprised how good it is. Doesn’t Alter sometimes have a slight problem with making accurate faces? Undine’s face is perfect from her smooth skin, immaculate eyebrows, and closed eyes, to her slightly parted lips. Her hair perfectly flows around her face, but does not block any part of her face.

AnimaGT: I’m fond of the her raised shoulder, it’s just cute.


AnimaGT: The neck is well defined with the cloth wrinkled appropriately over her torso. Her neck is slender leading to her delicious collarbone, very well sculpted and the shading darkens into her breasts.


AnnieAzura: Surprise surprise! underboobs! For some reason, I’ve never read a review of Dizzy that reveals that Undine showed underboob! The valley of her boobs also has a blue gradient to show shadow. I personally think it’s tastefully covered just shows just the right amount to be sexy. What do you think?

AnimaGT: shwwinng *thrusts hips upwards*

AnnieAzura: O_O......>_< *facepalm*


AnnieAzura: ANYWAYS, the peg for Undine is also unpainted white. with with rough painted edges.



AnimaGT: With Wings in place, Dizzy is complete, the overall pose of the complete figure is amazing with Dizzy and her wings being accurate portrayals of their sprite counterparts. Its dynamic in its positionality, with the wings being very well balanced onto the main figure and simply being an overall astonishing sight.

AnnieAzura: I really like how the colors, though very diverse, is matches very well.


AnnieAzura: I find it interesting that the skin and fat bulges around the starting points of the wings.

Overall statements
AnimaGT: Overall, I’m very satisfied with this figure, the sculpt and paint are amazing and she is one of the crown figures of my collection. Being a big fan of Dizzy, I can say that Alter delivered the quality and attention to detail that fans of Dizzy and Guilty Gear were looking for. Her issues are so minimal in the greater scope of the execution of this figure that the only reason they need mentioning is for the sake of being thorough. The figure conveys sensual beauty and cuteness to ferocity and serenity, just as the character. Overall a great purchase and well worth tracking down in the current second hand market.

AnnieAzura: Geez, you have to go and say everything already >:[ I agree with him, and since he knows the source material, he knows more about the accuracy. I just think this is one of the best figures as a beautiful work of art. Cute and sexy. One of the more colorful figures made by Alter. I would buy it if I knew more about the source material and had an opinion on the
AnimaGT &AnnieAzura: That's all for now! Thank you so much for reading our joint review on Alter's 1/8 Dizzy! Hope you enjoyed it!!
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Joint reviews can become very cluttered with both opinions going around at every turn and even worse when the reviewers get sidetracked. You guys did a great job here, covering the different angles and aspects of the figure while integrating the friendly talk.

I saw Dizzy at a convention and I skipped her because of the asked price from the seller but she looks amazing. Every time I look at pics of this figure or in this case a full new review, I spot new appealing details. I am not in the process of hunting her down as I have other figure priorities but damn if I keep running into attractive shots of her who knows?

Again great job reviewing
Il y a 4 ans
MetalGearSora (Il y a 4 ans) #2017655Great review, I enjoyed the unique dynamic presented by the conversational style. I recently bought Dizzy as well without knowing much at all about the source material simply because as a piece of art she's stunning.thephotomatt (Il y a 4 ans) #2017661Great review to the both of you! This is a splendid figure.
Although I really prefer the Type S ver. to the original one.

Thanks!! It was very fun to write this kind of review!
Il y a 4 ans
Great review to the both of you! This is a splendid figure.

Although I really prefer the Type S ver. to the original one.
Il y a 4 ans
Great review, I enjoyed the unique dynamic presented by the conversational style. I recently bought Dizzy as well without knowing much at all about the source material simply because as a piece of art she's stunning.
Il y a 4 ans
Nice review! Made want to buy her but considering my already being broke before the new month even started I think I'll have to pass for now...
Il y a 4 ans
Very nice, I have hopes of getting this one in the future!
Il y a 4 ans
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