Tomoe Mami - Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica (Good Smile Company)Tomoe Mami - Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica (Good Smile Company)Review

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Tomoe Mami - Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica
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Tomoe Mami is from the anime Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica, she’s first seen as a very lonely school girl who had, in the past, made a contract with the mysterious Kyuubey to become a magical girl. After meeting Madoka and Sayaka, her motherly nature comes into view as she expresses just how much she cares for her new friends. Mami has the magical ability to produce flintlock rifles to use at her disposal, she can also suspend her enemies using ribbons as well as the ability to utilise healing magic.

This particular figure of Mami is of 1/8 scale from Good Smile Company and is a part of a set of the five magical girls from the anime. She’s beautifully sculpted in her transformation outfit with every aspect well executed to create this very high quality figure.



Mami’s pose is both dynamic as well as elegant, a lovely addition to any collection. The sculpting of her clothes has been carefully manufactured, in-keeping with the pose to make sure her whole outfit comes alive. Her top and corset, especially, have plenty of creasing around her voluptuous bosom and are extraordinarily well detailed around the buckles; there are very few paint defects, none of which are particularly visible. The bows around Mami’s neck and back are absolutely fantastic, very well sculpted and painted and the detailing on the white bow really brings a new dimension to this figure. However there is a little bit of clumsy paintwork around this bow on her corset which is a shame to see.



The flutter in the pleats of Mami’s skirt is very eye-catching and just about covers her pleasing bottom and lovely thighs. Her socks are beautifully painted with plenty of shading to bring out the subtle aubergine colour, and the stripes are perfectly parallel; lots of GSCs wonderful painting skills are being shown here. Her boots are nicely tight around her calves with only a tiny amount of messy paintwork, but as before, it’s not noticeable at all.


Mami’s gloves and arm warmers are just as well sculpted as the rest of her cowgirl-esque outfit. There’s plenty of movement in the sculpt and her alternate arms even attach between her sleeve and the top of her arm to avoid any unsightly joints; a rather nice thought from Good Smile. Mami’s hands look very delicate and slender under the gloves and the shape of them matches well with the playful pose. Her second set of arms are used to hold the rifles, completing her whole ensemble. The rifles have a beautiful design on the barrel and this intricate detail has been very well executed on this figure; absolutely fantastic paintwork with a lovely silver tint for a metallic finish.


Mami’s bright blonde hair has plenty of shading and a fairly rare style of corkscrew curls, a style that sets her apart from the other magical girls. The strands on her face all come to a fine point, a very pleasing shape and her hair clips are simply wonderful, each possessing a subtle gold colour. The largest flower clip includes a translucent ruby coloured centre, a nice contrast from her signature colour of yellow and beautifully detailed at that.

A top Mami’s soft, bouncy hair is her round hat, coloured to match her boots with very pleasing shades of brown to bring her to life. The fluffy bunch of feathers aside of her hat have been manufactured extremely well as they’ve been sculpted with a great amount of movement and attractive paintwork to give them dimension. Unfortunately, there is a small seam line running through one of the feathers, but luckily it’s hardly noticeable.


Mami’s face is a pleasing round shape with full, blushing cheeks which look exceedingly adorable. Her small, warming smile really suits her personality and her open eyes are charmingly detailed with soft brown and yellow colours. Overall a very cute expression well suited to both of her graceful poses.

The base for Mami corresponds to her signature colour, though it’s a much more vibrant, almost orange colour than the yellow of her clothing. It starts very vivid in colour at the edge of the base fading into the middle to a much paler shade. The gradient in the base is similar to that of each of the girls in this series by Good Smile Company making for a very aesthetically pleasing set when put together. The base is simple in shape, just a round disc with a support on Mami’s foot which is nice and stable, but the simplicity works well with the figure itself by not drawing too much attention away from Mami.


All in all, this figure is made of the upmost quality with every small detail well executed and only a handful of very tiny mistakes in the paintwork and sculpt. She’s a beautiful addition to any collection and represents Mami’s character well for those who enjoy the series.

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I was just looking at my Mami this morning. I was thinking about selling her in near future...but after taking a closer look at her...I can not let her go! ;0;
She is just wonderful. I love the pose, the details and the paint job (especially her lightly blushing cheeks are so lovely X3)
Overall I think she's the best Mami figure available so far.
Nice review, thanks :)
Il y a 6 ans
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