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Monthly Poll Result [January]Monthly Poll Result [January]

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February Poll
Still up until Monday!

January Reference

Hello, here are the result I compiled from the January Poll I made a while back. You can find them all in the forum of the club.

1- Poll Result

There was 102 votes.

[Total number of points][Number of vote][Number of nomination point][Number of nomination] (Database link) Character Name [Manufacturer Name] [Tie Breaker if applicable]
[120][24][08][08] ITEM #166704 Kuroko Tetsuya [MegaHouse]
[101][20][16][13] ITEM #144400 Momo Belia Deviluke [Max Factory]
[055][12][04][04] ITEM #166624 Senjougahara Hitagi [Kotobukiya]
[032][09][05][04] ITEM #176108 Levi Cleaning ver. [Sentinel]
[029][08][05][04] ITEM #146229 Maeda Keiji [Alter]
[021][06][03][03] ITEM #144275 Caster EXTRA [Phat Company]
[016][05][01][01] ITEM #144427 Yoshino, Yoshinon [Phat Company] [16886 hits]
[016][05][01][01] ITEM #156652 Saber Lily [Alphamax] [13411 hits]
[013][04][01][01] ITEM #153056 Hakurei Reimu [MegaHouse]
[011][03][02][02] ITEM #99203 Hanna-Justina Marseille [Volks]
[010][03][01][01] ITEM #157016 Nefertari Vivi [MegaHouse]
[006][01][03][02] ITEM #163739 Heather Mason [Gecco]
[004][01][01][01] ITEM #166169 Yashiro Kasumi [Kotobukiya] [3830 hits]
[004][01][01][01] ITEM #172542 Ousawa Miu Y-shirt ver. [FREEing] [3336 hits]
[005][00][05][05] ITEM #161261 Velvet Batrass [Alphamax]
[003][00][03][02] ITEM #144297 Saber Alter Swimsuit ver. [Alter]
[001][00][01][01] ITEM #156667 Yagyu Jubei Kirameki Hakugin no Kenki ver. [Alter] [14330 hits]
[001][00][01][01] ITEM #167386 Kiritani Konome [Daiki Kougyou] [4951 hits]

*In the total number of points everything is calculated, nomination (1 or 2 points per nomination), vote (3 points) and rank bonus (1st:40 / 2nd:25 / 3rd:15).

2- Some statistic
Figure Price
Highest: 13143¥
Heather Mason [Gecco] ITEM #163739
Median: 8391¥
Lowest: 5524¥
Hakurei Reimu [MegaHouse] ITEM #153056
Average: 8706¥

Figure Height
Highest: 280cm
Maeda Keiji [Alter] ITEM #146229
Median: 200cm
Levi (Cleaning ver.) [Sentinel] ITEM #176108
Caster EXTRA [Phat Company] ITEM #144275

Lowest: 130cm
Yashiro Kasumi [Kotobukiya] ITEM #166169
Average: 197.5cm

Figure Release Date
First: 2014-01-17
Saber Lily [Alphamax] ITEM #156652
Hakurei Reimu [MegaHouse] ITEM #153056
Yashiro Kasumi [Kotobukiya] ITEM #166169

Median: 2014-01-23
Last: 2014-01-31
Levi (Cleaning ver.) [Sentinel] ITEM #176108
Maeda Keiji [Alter] ITEM #146229

Average: 2014-01-22
Caster EXTRA [Phat Company] ITEM #144275
Yoshino, Yoshinon [Phat Company] ITEM #144427

3- Manufacturer ranking
[143] Megahouse
[101] Max Factory
[059] Kotobukiya
[037] Phat Company
[033] Alter
[032] Sentinel
[021] Alphamax
[011] Volks
[006] Gecco
[004] FREEing
[001] Daiki Kyougou

*Nomination points from figure that didn't make it to the poll are calculated for the manufacturer ranking.

I also did some graphic about sexe, position, hair color, hair lenght, hair accessory, eyes color, etc. While they do provide some information, I feel like we don't really have enought information in one poll to make them interesting so I'll probably wait until I got a few compiled before making them again. I'll spare you the picture, if you want to see them they're here.

There's still a few interesting thing from them, both the eyes color and hair color are dominated by blue and pink this time. Short hair was dominant in points with the first 4 ranking figures having short hair (Senjougahara got both short and long). It's also worth noting that in the February poll, 3 of the figures got short hair. 1/8 scale is dominant, which probably shouldn't be a surprise as it's the most common scale.

I'm open to any suggestion,
Thank you!
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