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Monthly Nomination [March]Monthly Nomination [March]

AzyxAzyxIl y a 5 ansAsk MFC

We're now at the third nomination round, with the figure released in March. You can nominate any pre-painted figure that fit the restriction, for the restriction, see below!

Link to the March pre-painted figure search.php?root... *Be careful as this include some figure that aren't eligible to be nominated, such as re-release*

The nomination will end on Monday around 12:00 UTC time. I'll post a message with the result in this blog and the poll will follow a few minute later and last until Monday April 14th around 12:00 UTC time. Don't forget to come to the poll to make your final vote and drop a comment!

Restriction and procedure for figure nominated:
1- You can nominate a maximum of 2 figures (from the current month nomination, in this case March 2014).
2- It must be a pre-painted figure, 18+ figures are allowed.
3- It must be a first release item. Recolors and variation of the original sculpt are allowed if it warrant a new entry in the MFC database.
4- The following quote indicate the format you must use for the nomination when posting them here as a comment:
ITEM #146229
ITEM #153056

5- Any modification to your nomination is allowed before the end, you need to edit your original comment, do not post a second comment for this.

Ranking for the poll:
Figure nominated will be ranked against each other according to a simple point system, if you nominate 2 figures, each will get 1 point and if you nominate only 1 figure it will get 2 points. The figure with the most point will sit at the top of the poll and so on.

In case of a tie between 2 figures, the figure with the highest number of nomination will win, if it's not enought to break the tie, I will determine it by the "Hit(s)" data present on the MFC entry of that figure.

Other restriction:
1- A figure need to be nominated at least 3 times to get in the poll.
2- A maximum of 10 figures will make it to the poll.
3- A minimum of 5 figures will make it to the poll (basicly there to cancel restriction "1-" if we ever end up we less then 5 figures with at least 3 nominations)

Past nomination and poll:

The related club:
The Unofficial MFC Figures Award Club
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Still got a bit more then 7 hours to put in your nomination, here are the stading so far (I did the tie breaker but didn't put the number as I'll do it again when I'll put the final numbers):

The nomination ended

So the final result are:

[Number of point][Number of nomination] (Database link) Character Name [Manufacturer Name][Hit(s) Tie Breaker]
[11][08] ITEM #144366 Sallya [Good Smile Company & Max Factory]
[07][07] ITEM #166816 Dark Angel Olivia [Kotobukiya]
[03][03] ITEM #117205 Allayne [Orchid Seed][63038]
[03][03] ITEM #156661 Seikai no Lorelei [SkyTube][21356]
[02][02] ITEM #166912 Kousaka Kirino [Max Factory][16354]
[02][02] ITEM #166660 Marik Ishtar [Kotobukiya][9005]
[02][01] ITEM #158152 Zelos Wilder [Alter][21320]
[02][01] ITEM #157013 Roronoa Zoro [MegaHouse][11358]
[01][01] ITEM #144316 Kaname Madoka [FREEing][16234]
[01][01] ITEM #161925 Lucifer [Amakuni][15635]
[01][01] ITEM #133963 Gotou-Douji, Kuzunoha Raidou [MegaHouse][14183]
[01][01] ITEM #144151 Sonico [Amakuni][9946]
[01][01] ITEM #162402 Calne Ca [Union Creative International Ltd][8779]
[01][01] ITEM #166894 Tony Tony Chopper [MegaHouse][6129]
[01][01] ITEM #173027 Asuna [Banpresto][4343]
Il y a 5 ans
WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
Nomination: ITEM #144366
Il y a 5 ans
The nomination ends tomorrow 12:00 UTC times, still got time to nominate a march release figure!
Il y a 5 ans
Il y a 5 ans
Il y a 5 ans
Il y a 5 ans
Il y a 5 ans
Il y a 5 ans
ITEM #144151
Il y a 5 ans
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