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RKasaRKasaIl y a 6 ans
I finally decided to stop procrastinating and do this review! Sorry that the title's not very interesting this time :P

Nendoroid #356 - Etna and Nendoroid #357 - Flonne

These two Nendoroids were amongst my most-wanted figures of 2013 (and later, early 2014; gotta love delays). Disgaea: Hour of Darkness is one of my favorite games of all time and my favorite SRPG ever, but good figures of the main characters can be tough to come by, especially nowadays. Thus, like many Disgaea fans and collectors, I was thrilled when these two were announced. Were they worth it? Let's see…

Their boxes are your standard "new style" Nendoroid ones. Some people don't like this new look, but I think that, with its greater emphasis on rounded shapes, it's cuter and more suitable for the products themselves. Note that these particular boxes include side windows and that, for some reason, they both use the same photo on the back when showing the two together. The inner backgrounds of both boxes simply have the Nendoroid's number against a flat field of color.




The blisters show off most of the contents fairly well. Each figure has a few small additional parts which are packaged alongside the stands.

In general, Etna and Flonne each include:
- One pair of straight arms and one pair of bent arms
- Two weapons
- Three expressions
- One set of hair, pair of straight legs, and body


…and of course, there's a few smaller extra parts, a stand, and an instruction sheet.



Flonne does come with six hands while Etna only gets five, and also has an extended stand arm piece instead of a short one, to account for her long hair, but in general, they're fairly equal in terms of content.

A note about the wings: they are removable on both figures, and Flonne's are actually packaged separately when you first open her. Etna's skull earrings are also removable; I highly recommend attaching them first when swapping expressions. As for her tail, it can be moved around a bit, but I did not try to detach it.


On a similar note, each loop in Flonne's hair ribbon is removable. I'm not sure why Phat Company set them up this way, as they aren't very posable when attached, but this separation does make her front hair piece less fragile, so I'm grateful for that.


The included expressions are, for the most part, based directly on those seen in the game (Etna's, Flonne's). Etna's standard expression has her sticking out her tongue, as seen in some series illustrations, while Flonne's features her friendly yet slightly vacant smile.


Next, we have Etna's devilish grin, adjusted to include a sideways glance, and my all-time favorite Flonne expression, her baffled one. Flonne's sweatdrop is partially obscured by her hair, but otherwise, this faceplate is perfect!


Finally is Etna's angry face, and Flonne's fired-up one. The latter of these, with its semi-opaque flames, is the most elaborate faceplate of the bunch. Both are great likenesses all around.


The bases are your standard Nendoroid jointed arm ones, and work about as well as any other I've seen. Not much else to say about them besides that.


As you can see, I've included the weapons in these more recent shots. Etna comes with a spear and a gun, while Flonne comes with a staff and a bow and matching arrow. I was able to identify the gun as being the Ion 9k Samurai, but not any of the others; however, the spear and staff do resemble those seen in some of the game's promo art.


The weapons look good, although I would've personally preferred an axe for Etna, since that's the weapon class I tend to default to with her. That's a minor quibble, though.

Attaching the weapons to the hands is reasonably painless. Note that, since Etna's "holding" hands are closed fists (Flonne's are slightly open), the spear's blade can be removed so that the pole part can be threaded through without risking damage.


Overall, the paint jobs on the figure look very good, though Etna in particular has two glaring flaws. First off is the white patch on the front of her skirt, which isn't very well painted, but the second flaw has more to do with the figure's design. On Etna's boots, there are supposed to be eyes and mouths drawn onto the feet parts; these have traditionally been included on scaled figures of her in this outfit (for example: ITEM #314), but they're absent here. It's a little disappointing, to say the least.


The sculpting for both figures is a bit better, but this time, Flonne is the more flawed one. Her long blonde hair presses against her wings somewhat, so one has to keep an eye out for possible wing deformation and paint transfer in the future. Her alternate faceplates are also a tighter fit that Etna's, and took some stretching and adjusting to get on. Also, while the hands on both figures were generally as easy to swap in and out as on other Nendoroids (which is to say, it's painless), the open hand in Flonne's straight right arm is somewhat stuck.


Being that these two are regular-style Nendoroids, poses are mainly limited based on what was included in the boxes. Neither character comes with bent legs, and Flonne lacks the pointing finger needed to perfectly recreate her confused expression. On the other hand, Etna's twintails are jointed, and there are just enough parts with each figure to make several basic poses.


While I'm talking about posing, I'd like to add that I really love the "Nendoroid 2.0" faceplate system. Having to swap faces with the necks attached was one of the biggest problems I had with the old-style Nendos, and resulted in at least two broken joints. The permanent neck joint-- plus the included extra-- are wonderful improvements to this figure line.


In general, Etna and Flonne are worth picking up if you're a Disgaea fan, despite their shortcomings. Now if only Phat would make a Laharl to complete the trio, but that's mainly wishful thinking on my part. Still, how great would it be to have an angry Laharl, hair antennae standing straight up, to go along with his two favorite(?) vassals?


Thanks for reading!
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Sculpt (Etna)
Sculpt (Flonne)
Paint (Etna)
Paint (Flonne)


I still need to get these T___T
Il y a 6 ans
I like how detailed your review is. Personally, I'm not quite satisfied with the flames on Flonne's "fired up" face, but I'm not sure why.
Il y a 6 ans
These two figures are a lot of fun. I noticed some of the issues you pointed out when I first got these two, like the articulation points on Flonne's hair bow. Flonne's hair really tends to get in the way when trying to get her set up as well!

And, don't forget about the best feature of these two figures: the ability to torso-swap them! PICTURE #912750

Anyway, great review!
Il y a 6 ans
Nice I wish they would make Laharl though he is my fav character. I would snatch him up so fast.
Il y a 6 ans
Theyre so cute! *u* lovely and detailed revieuw, well done!
They have really cute expressions, which sort of make up for their shortcomings. Ive noticed newer nendo's cost more and come with less, it's a bit sad. Nonetheless these girls are adorable
Il y a 6 ans
Buy from Japan. Easier than ever.

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