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Monthly Nomination [May]Monthly Nomination [May]

AzyxAzyxIl y a 4 ansAsk MFC
Hello and welcome to the nomination blog for the May release!

There is some change to the nomination for this month, you now need to nominate exactly 3 figures. The objective is to get more nomination to help sort out the figures before the poll. I talked about it in this blog BLOG #14387.

You can nominate your favorite pre-painted figure that fit the restriction, for the restriction, see below! The schedule and a link to the previous blog entry are also available.

The nomination will close on Monday June 9th 2014 around 12:00 UTC time.

Link to the May pre-painted figures search.php?mode... *Be careful as this include some figure that aren't eligible to be nominated, such as re-release*

General InformationNomination Information
1- You can only nominate exactly 3 figures (from the current month nomination, in this case May 2014).
2- It must be a pre-painted figure, 18+ figures are allowed.
3- It must be a first release item. Recolors and variation of the original sculpt are allowed if it warrant a new entry in the MFC database.
4- The following quote indicate the format you must use for the nomination when posting them here as a comment:
AzyxITEM #146229
ITEM #153056
ITEM #166624
5- Any modification to your nomination is allowed before the end, you need to edit your original comment, do not post a second comment for this.

Poll Ranking
Figure nominated will be ranked against each other according to the number of nomination received. The figure with the most nomination will sit at the top of the poll and so on. Also, a maximum of 5 figures will make it to the poll.

In case of a tie between 2 figures, the figure with the highest number of "Hit(s)" data present on the MFC entry of that figure will win.

Next Month Schedule
ScheduleNomination: Saturday July 5th 2014, 12:00 UTC time
Poll: Monday July 7th 2014, 12:00 UTC time
Poll End: Monday July 14th 2014, 12:00 UTC time
Result: Before Saturday July 18th 2014
Previous Entry
January Nomination Poll Result
February Nomination Poll Result
March Nomination Poll Result
April Nomination Poll Result

The related club:The Unofficial MFC Figures Award Club

Thank you!
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Nomination Closed, Poll

[Number of nomination] (Database link) Character Name [Manufacturer Name][Hit(s) Tie Breaker]
[09] ITEM #143923 Hatsune Miku [Good Smile Company]
[06] ITEM #144293 Sheryl Nome [Max Factory]
[04] ITEM #78646 Perrine H Clostermann [Alter]
[03] ITEM #166161 Morgiana [MegaHouse][27322]
[03] ITEM #144342 Kamael [Max Factory][23801]
[03] ITEM #144378 Ganaha Hibiki [Phat Company][11446]
[02] ITEM #166972 Sakuya [Kotobukiya]
[02] ITEM #164557 Alisa Ilinichina Amiella [Alphamax]
[02] ITEM #166916 Kashiwazaki Sena [Max Factory]
[02] ITEM #166917 Mikazuki Yozora [Max Factory]
[01] ITEM #75578 Shinonono Houki [AmiAmi Zero]
[01] ITEM #118180 Ame, Hana, Yuki [Medicos Entertainment]
[01] ITEM #122917 Asama Tomo, Hanami [Kotobukiya]
[01] ITEM #166431 Shimamura Uzuki [Good Smile Company]
[01] ITEM #178541 Nimue [Square Enix]
[01] ITEM #183793 Tenjou Utena [SEGA]
[01] ITEM #166885 Sonoda Umi [Kotobukiya]
[01] ITEM #167051 Kousaka Tamaki [FREEing]
[01] ITEM #183954 Alice [Lechery]
Il y a 4 ans
Still 6 hours before the end of the nomination and the start of the poll (12:00 UTC time)!
Il y a 4 ans
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