Beatmania IIDX - Umegiri Ameto (Eikoh)Beatmania IIDX - Umegiri Ameto (Eikoh)Review

SbabSbabIl y a 6 ans
Hello MFC people ! I'm back for a second review. Hopefully it will be better than the first ^^

Today we'll talk about Eikoh's figure of Umegiri Ameto, a Beatmania IIDX character. Let's start

The character :


Ameto is a character from the famous Beatmania game series. She's the oldest from the Umegiri sisters, so she is the head of their clan. Her age is unknow, but despite her apparence she's over 18. Her grandmother used a spell on her to preserve from aging, but she did a mistake that makes her look younger than she actually is.

For those interested about her backstory, you can read more here.

Packaging : 3/10



That's probably the worst packaging I had so far for a figure. The box is made of thin cardboard, with absolutely no window. All you can see is 2 pictures from the figure (front and back) and the artwork who inspired it. The visual aspect itself is not really the problem, no. The problem comes next...


This is what you have inside the box. Nothing more to protect the figure than a little bit of bubble wrap. No blister, no hard cardboard (except for the microphone). There's a little plastic to avoid paint transfer under the hairs, but the figure can easily be damaged if the seller don't pack it well. Now you are warned, buy only to the shops who pack their orders well if you want this figure.

Luckily, mine came in perfect shape, thanks to Mandarake !


So, here's the content unpacked and unwrapped. We can now start the serious things.

Posing : 9/10





I love the pose. She's sensual and realistic, that's the kind of pose you can expect to see on a real concert, her hairs are flowing a bit without looking weird. A real star in the middle of a song.

Sculpting and Painting : 7/10

The overall aspect of this figure is pretty good for her price. But you can't expect a flawless result, of course.


The face is well detailled. The addition of a little blush gives a nice result. The shadowing on the hairs is nicely done. You can see that the ribbon is not perfectly painted, and the microphone is basically silver-painted with no shadowing at all.


Here you can see a nice transfer. But also molding lines and paint flaws. These are actually the most visible flaws you can see on the figure.


I know that a lot of people here want to see panty shots. As you can see, the sculpting here is good. But Ameto have a little surprise for you, panty-lovers...



No, this is NOT a plain-white panty. Don't forget Ameto is over 18, so she can afford a bit of color ! You can see here that her pant his bordered in pink, which is a nice addition instead of the usual white for cheap figures.


Bunnies. Everywhere. Even if you can't see them, as for this rabbit on her back, under the hairs (what a pain to take a picture from it without being blurry >< )


Here you can see the molding line on her leg.

Base : 7/10


The base is both simple and nice. Exactly as the Beatmania game discs, she's designed as a vinyl disc. It perfectly fits the figure and give a nice touch. You can also see that the figure is firmly secured by 3 large pegs.

Enjoyment : 8/10

I got this figure for a very cheap price (800 ¥), so there's basically no way for me to regret it. But this is not a decisive point for me to give this high grade.

Despite the small flaws, I just love this figure. Some details are really nicely done for this price range, and the pose is just cool.

I just wish Eikoh could have packed her better. A simple piece of hard cardboard would be enough, as for Banpresto's prize figures. I had enough luck to get her without damages, but I doubt everyone will be able to say the same :/
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shinhawkIl y a 6 ans#2395444I never knew she had a figure. Beatmania figures are really uncommon especially outside of the prize range.

Yes, that's why I like them. I'm actually waiting for my figure of Iroha to arrive, maybe I'll write a review of her as well since there's very few pictures available.

I also ordered a figure of Hinazuki Lilina today, but Mandarake didn't send me a confirmation yet so it can be cancelled if the figure is out of stock. Fingers crossed ^^'
Il y a 6 ans
I never knew she had a figure. Beatmania figures are really uncommon especially outside of the prize range.
Il y a 6 ans
MoroIl y a 6 ans#2394787She's cute! I like the vinyl disc base. I think she'd look good next to ITEM #72522

Maybe, but I think she'd look small ^^'

From the base to the top of her bunny ears, Ameto is only 18cm tall ;)
Il y a 6 ans
She's cute! I like the vinyl disc base. I think she'd look good next to ITEM #72522
Il y a 6 ans