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AkiraAkiraIl y a 5 ans
Hello MFC community! I hope you are doing well.

Today while I was surfing the net I found a rather interesting news regarding Toranoana. Apparently, they have a partnership with tenso, similar to Rakuten.

Simply put: Now us international customers can buy from Tora. But with Tenso.


I don't know how reliable Tenso is, or If the fees are good or bad, but this is definetly something interesting.
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Tenso cooperate with many merchants already, it is not a news. I still do some research for forwarding company since there are really many choices and my final decision is Transbang, why, I have bunch questions regarding parcels and custom duties, their customer service help me figure it our right away, and pack or remove packaging i don't need as I leave the note when notify shipping, I never encounter any problems with them goo.gl/Z6z7n1
Il y a 2 ans
MoroIl y a 5 ans#2453997IMO Tenso is a serious ripoff. I've forwarded through Big in Japan from Toranoana which was nice, only a 500yen fee + reg SAL shipping.
Same here (thanks again for the help, Moro), I just recently forwarded ITEM #248859 from TnA to BiJ. Their invoice was 1683 yen for Reg SAL SP, including their 500 yen fee.
Tenso, on the other hand, charges a fee depending on package weight. Basic fee is 490 yen up to 1Kg, so it's not that expensive for small items. But for larger packages it gets more expensive. Plus they're EMS only. Nonetheless I used them once years ago, it was the only proxy I knew, and was all right.
Il y a 5 ans
Still trying to get compensation out of them for an EMS order which "went missing" in September...
Il y a 5 ans
Shashin Dakimakura Cover Collector
I speculated on this subject a few weeks ago on a different hobby-related forum, and my opinion was that it seemed to be a case where Tenso paid a fee to become the "officially sanctioned" proxy of Toranoana. You could already use a proxy or forwarding service with Toranoana, with very little difficulty. I don't know how expensive or difficult Tenso is to use, but if there's a proxy you're already comfortable with, I don't really see the reason to make the switch to Tenso.

So to me, it just seems like the lazy choice on Toranoana's part to kinda give in to demand for international customers for them to ship internationally... only, they aren't doing anything different than what they've done already. They're still just pointing you to a proxy service if you want to order from them, only now, it's sanctioned by Toranoana.

Some people might get hopeful and see it as an opportunity for Toranoana to gauge international interest and maybe eventually cut out the middle man, but I personally don't see it. If they gain some additional revenue through Tenso, it's a win-win for them; it required no additional effort and they have a broader customer base than ever before. Despite the fact that people have been using proxies to order from them for years, I imagine the best case scenario is them seeing the "additional revenue" they're generating, and deciding that it's a good idea to keep the partnership with Tenso going.
Il y a 5 ans
IMO Tenso is a serious ripoff. I've forwarded through Big in Japan from Toranoana which was nice, only a 500yen fee + reg SAL shipping.
Il y a 5 ans
They've had this "partnership" for a while now. I wouldn't suggest using Tenso, however, since they don't charge a flat fee for forwarding and they only ship via EMS.
Il y a 5 ans
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