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My first entry in this blog will be the standard of figure blogs--a detailed figure review.
I will be reviewing Vice's 1/8 scale Iwakura Lain figure, one of the only figures in existence for the series Serial Experiments Lain.
The figure is based on an illustration by Yoshitoshi Abe from the Lain artbook "An Omnipresence in Wired." The sculptor seems to be unknown.

I have only seen one review of this figure, a rather scathing review which can be found here: www.riuva.com/?...
I disagree with almost everything said in the review and so decided to make my own, highlighting everything which I feel makes the figure shine. I do not buy figures based on the look alone and only purchase from series with which I am familiar, and so how well the character is represented is just as important as the quality of the figure itself.

My box is not in new condition, but is more than adequate to protect the figure inside.
The box has average construction with the customary plastic blister for holding the figure in place and protecting her from damage. It is adequate for containing the figure and I don't really ask much else from boxes as I do not display my figures boxed.
It is very plain, with copies of the illustration on which the figure was based faintly visible on the sides. There is also a (monochrome) paper insert which shows the illustration on which the figure was based.
Overall the box is perfectly sufficient but not particularly remarkable.

Before we move on to Lain herself, let's first take a look at her base. In my opinion this is one of the best parts of the figure and one of the ways in which she stands out in my collection. In the picture you can see a back view, with the tapering stairs and banister.
The dark silhouettes in the window and the weathering on the door are marvelous details.
It is an unholy pain getting Lain affixed to the base. She affixes to it by means of a pair of pegs which slot into holes in her feet, but requires a bit of muscle to get them in, and the base and figure will make ominous creaking noises while you do this.

Lain is not posed dynamically; instead she is caught in mid-stride, just barely moving at all. The way her hand rests delicately against the door, and the slight tilt of her head, are perfect for her. This figure looks calm and serene, very understated and a very good representation of the character.
The sculpting of the figure is quite close to Yoshitoshi Abe's illustration. Every fold and wrinkle of the cloth has been faithfully reproduced, and even the exact positioning of her fingers against the door.
Her collarbones and neck are delicate and smooth, and her neck transitions into her head with no seam lines. I suspect her head, neck and collarbones are all one piece which attaches to the body, which would explain the lack of seam.
My one quibble is with the hair. It is two pieces with the standard seam at the top of the head (although the seam is very well hidden on mine) but it just isn't detailed enough for my liking. As you can see, next to figures like the G.E.M. Nagisa Kaworu or even some of my figmas, it just doesn't measure up.
With such a simple hairstyle it should have been easy to incorporate more detailed strands. As I have no other figures manufactured by Vice to compare to, I can't really say if this is a manufacturer thing or just specific to this figure. In general, the hair is the only part of the figure I found really lacking.

The painting on this figure is subtle but very detailed. Most PVC figures have a very crisp, clean look to them, something which would be very unfitting for Lain.
This figure attempts to replicate the dark, dirty look seen in all of Yoshitoshi Abe's illustrations, and I think it succeeds admirably.
The only part of the figure that appears "clean" is her hands and head. The skin does not appear to have any shading, which makes her look rather unhealthily pale--a fitting look for Lain. The eye decals also capture Abe's art style very well.

If I want a figure for a series but there is a low variety, I am forced to choose between picking the best of a short quantity, or going without if there isn't one I like. There are very, very few Lain figures, most of which are garage kits, and I think this one is the best of the lot. I am pleased to have the Cyberpunk Queen in my collection.
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Older figure review <3
Il y a 8 ans
Strife212 Original Blue
I've been looking at this figure for years, wondering if I should get it. It looks pretty nice tbh.
Il y a 8 ans
Import from Japan

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