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AmyJaneAmyJaneIl y a 5 ans
Back in December of 2014 I found I had an issue with my RAH Mikasa from Medicom in that the inner tassel on her right boot was missing. It wasn't a big issue and in all honesty I wasn't too bothered about whether or not the problem was resolved but I went ahead and sought for help regardless since I was aware that if I ever wanted to sell her in the future, this small missing piece would have probably brought down her value. I'd obtained this figure from a friend who had never unsealed the box so I was a bit unsure as to whether or not Medicom would help due to the fact that she was technically second-hand, just unopened.

Here's the defective part:

As I mentioned earlier, it's truly not a huge problem but it should be there and so I saw no reason to not send an email Medicom's way:

"Dear Medicom,

I recently received one of your Mikasa (Shingeki no Kyoujin) RAH, initial production figures (new and never opened) and noticed that there is a tassel on one of her boots missing. I have an image of it if you'd like to see, but I was hoping there may be something you could do to amend this slight mistake in her production.

Thank you very much for the help.

I received a reply shortly afterwards requesting the pictures and so sent them their way. I also told them about the situation of where I bought her from, in which their reply was:

"Dear Customer,

We have checked a condition of your figure and would like to support with the replacement parts. However please note that this is an exceptional and final support on this item since we normally do not support for the second hand or resale items. We do not charge for the replacement parts but we will charge you for the shipping and handling fee. We will accept payment via PAYPAL only, paypal@medicomtoy.co.jp Please let us know if you agree to the term and condition then inform us your address and phone number to calculate the shipping and handling fee.

Best regards,


Since this was supposedly a rare occasion that I could be helped I jumped at the chance to have Mikasa fixed. A user on MFC had previously told me that I would have to pay for the shipping too so I was already prepared for that, however it was a little more expensive than I'd anticipated totalling 2,100JPY. After finding this out I was very confused since I couldn't believe that a tiny tassel could cost so much but I paid anyway. I was determined to have a completed Mikasa at this point since I'd come so far...

On the 15 of December (3 days after the part had been sent via EMS to me) the package from Medicom arrived. It was quite a large package which explained the cost of the shipping (about the same dimensions of a standard-sized book if not a little bigger). The part was safely packaged which I was pleased about, although a smaller box would have been appreciated and here's the extra part that Medicom sent (the new one is the part at the bottom):


So it turned out Medicom had sent me an entire new section of her boot instead of just the tassel. This was really good news and did surprise me a bit since I was expecting to have to glue a tiny tassel onto her already existing boot. Switching the pieces was pretty easy as Mikasa's foot came off without problems:



Once I'd switched the pieces I simply reassembled Mikasa and put her back into the pose I originally had her displayed in. Like I said earlier, it wasn't a particularly noticeable defect but I do feel better now that it's fixed and it was worth the money in my mind even if the shipping was a tad excessive (I suppose one could see it as Medicom were only trying their best to make sure that the part arrived safe and sound so excessive packaging was the best way to achieve this).


So if you're looking to get help from Medicom due to a missing part or defect from one of their products I recommend that you do contact them as their customer service, in my experience, was great. Do, however, bear in mind that unlike Good Smile Company, you will have to pay for the shipping and I was never given a choice as to the method so it's likely that it'll be quite expensive even if it's for such a small item like mine.
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sankariIl y a 4 ans#9955578Hi, where did you find their contact for customer support ? I also have an issue with unit 01 RAH, it came with repeated left hands, instead of the equivalent for the right arm. Also , the left arm doesn't hold the hands in the socket. There are also small holes in the elbow, in the left arm.

Hi there, I believe this was where I contacted them: www.medicomtoy..... My Japanese isn't great though, I remember using google translate to work out what to fill in! That's really odd, I'm pretty sure they'll help you out there so I'd definitely contact them asap!
Il y a 4 ans
Hi, where did you find their contact for customer support ? I also have an issue with unit 01 RAH, it came with repeated left hands, instead of the equivalent for the right arm. Also , the left arm doesn't hold the hands in the socket. There are also small holes in the elbow, in the left arm.
Il y a 4 ans
I've heard very good things over the years about Medicom's customer service. A lot of figure companies really aren't this friendly and helpful especially to make outside of Japan so it's really cool to see Medicom so supportive of its buyers, even the second-hand ones.
Il y a 5 ans
That was nice that they sent you a new part anyways I would put that in the win collum.

= )

Il y a 5 ans
tanakaIl y a 5 ans#2733882How did they know it was 2nd hand?

Because when I sent them the pictures I also told them that I hadn't directly bought her from a shop but from a friend who'd never opened it (they'd asked for the details of where I got her from); it seems there's an element of trust there since I could have lied about her being sealed which in a way makes me appreciate their help even more.
Il y a 5 ans
How did they know it was 2nd hand?
Il y a 5 ans