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Hellsing - Seras Victoria - 1/7 (Kaitendoh)Hellsing - Seras Victoria - 1/7 (Kaitendoh)

mememomememoIl y a 9 ansReview

So this will be my first review since joining tsuki board and the figure that i
will be reviewing is the amazing Seras Victoria by kaitendo . Seras Victoria
has always being one of my favorite anime character so the moment that i
seen this figure i knew that i had to have it even if it was a little expensive .
Well on to the review

Sculpting: 10/10

The Sculpting on this figure just blew me away the amount of detail that
went into every little part of this figure is just astounding . From the spent
bullet shells by her feet to the way the individual strands of dark fire cling
to her body kaitendo really did a great job with the sculpting of Seras .
But for me there is one bad point to the Sculpting on this figure and that's
the faces while i do like them i just think both of her expressions look a
little strange


Painting: 10/10

Another perfect score for Seras The paint job is one of my favorite parts of
this figure its perfect the dark fire is a really cool mix of black and really dark
red that just looks amazing in any light condition . The shading is realistic
and really sets of all the other colours on this figure . The thing that i like most
about this figure is the fact that kaitendo used a lot of different colours some
times i think that with anime figures one colour can be overused but with this
figure all the different colours come together to give Seras a dark intimidating
look that i really like . Well except for her pantsu which are blindingly white for
some reason :P

Posing 10/10

Again 10/10 for this figure she is standing on dark fire and spent bullet shells
looks pissed off the side of her skirt is riped opened and she is holding an anti
tank gun she just looks so kick ass and sexy my favorite combination for
figures ^_^

Base: 5/10

The only really bad part of this figure the base one of the cheap generic black
bases that most figures have which is really disappointing because the rest of the
figure is so great

Packaging: 8/10

The box for Seras was a little plain and unimaginative it has a red background with
a black coffin and red cross on the front . Inside Seras is kept safe in a Styrofoam
block where she is stored in 6 parts each wrapped in plastic with foam padding

Enjoyment: 10/10

I really love this figure so 10/10 here Seras comes with 2 heads and her skirt is
cast-off so lots of fun to be had with this figure . Also i big surprise for me was
that some parts of this figure were not resin like the gun her skirt and the dark
fire on her body which means that she is not as delicate as some other resin
figures a big plus for me since i was so scared that i would break her
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mememo Sale Hunter
Mmm so you ended up not liking the faces eh...yea thats what originally stopped me. Seems like the rest is aces though. If I ever see her on sale have to jump on it. ~_^

The faces are bad but not as bad as they look in some of the pictures there not as bad as say the gift saber but still its a disappointment that such an amazing figure has 2 such mediocre faces . Oh if you find her on sale go for it she is a grerat figure
Il y a 9 ans
Ashlotte Full-time Reviewer
See I knew I wasn't the only one who'd be interested in a review of her. :p

Thanks for the nice concise review mem!

Mmm so you ended up not liking the faces eh...yea thats what originally stopped me. Seems like the rest is aces though. If I ever see her on sale have to jump on it. ~_^
Il y a 9 ans
mememo Sale Hunter
Thanks Tsunami3k but sorry i put the figure back in the box untill i get some new shelves up but you can see the other face here PICTURE #19156
Il y a 9 ans
It's great to see a review of this figure. Thanks for taking the time to share your opinion on it. I'm a big Seras fan too but the face has put me off of this otherwise really nice figure. That said, I never knew it came with an alternate face. Do you by chance have a closeup of the one not shown?
Il y a 9 ans