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Removing scratches on acrylic charms?Removing scratches on acrylic charms?

icechuicechuIl y a 4 ansAsk MFC
Hi, everyone!

I have a question for you guys today.

See, I love the shiny, smooth appearance of acrylic charms. They're my favorite material.
But they get those little scratches and nicks all too easily. The ones you often see when you reflect them in the light. Part of me likes them because it means I've used them a lot and I love them, but...
The perfectionist in me just can't stand 'em!

Even though rubber straps get dirtier easier than acrylic (in my opinion - though acrylic's tendency to scratch might just match it in durability...) at least there are a ton of ways to clean them and make them look just as new again.
For acrylic, I've always been under the impression that once you use them, and they get scratched, it's all over... just like clear files, another favorite of mine. :(

But recently, I've done some research about "repairing" acrylic, and found out about scratch remover polishing paste... but it seems to be mainly targeted towards watches.

So you might be thinking, "just display them if you don't want them to get scratches." I understand that, but I'm just interested in finding out whether there's a way to use them without getting them damaged like they do. Or maybe to fix them up a bit after they do.

I feel bad if I don't use them and keep them locked up somewhere, but I also feel bad whenever they get little nicks on them even when I take good care of them haha.

Therefore, I wanted to post this article and ask if anyone's had any experience or solutions with "repairing" scratched acrylic charms. Or if you can just plain relate to my dilemma XD;

If there's no solution (which is what I always figured until now), I guess I'll just have to go with buying doubles if I want to be able to both use and display my stuff. XD;

Thank you for reading!
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Do you mind your goods getting scratched or damaged?

  • 61%Yeah, it drives me crazy!
  • 33%If it's a little bit, no.
  • 6%No, I don't mind at all.
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The scratches on mine haven't changed the look of them really. In fact, I think the bits of wear show character and that they've been loved some :)

Also, if you need to clean rubber straps, use scrubbing bubbles, or any foaming bathroom cleaner. Spray it on, let it sit for a few seconds, and rub it off with towel. That stuff is magic! I use it to clean my spikes before and after games, among other things.
Il y a 4 ans
I just buy doubles of the ones I want to use.
Il y a 4 ans
it sucks because all mine have already come with some scratches :@ but I bought them 'new' so I must say I must be unlucky
Il y a 4 ans
NemsEngelAceSasu (Il y a 4 ans) #2842134Buying duplicates if i wanna use some. That way i am not that much afraid of losing it or to get damage.

I second that...since charms are relatively cheap, buy duplicate so the scratches on the one you use wont give you psychological effect....
Il y a 4 ans
Buying duplicates if i wanna use some. That way i am not that much afraid of losing it or to get damage.
Il y a 4 ans
I picked up a pack of "Rubber Strap Guard" clear plastic sleeves the last time I was in Japan. They're made by Hobby Base (Yellow Submarine). Rashinban was selling them too. I do remember Yellow Submarine having quite a few different types for sale in their store in the new Akihabara Radio Kaikan Bldg.

Here's a blog about them by a fellow user:
BLOG #15600

Here's another about using sleeves as a substitute:
BLOG #15660

A quick search found these on Rakuten Global (You can probably find other sizes too):

AmiAmi also has a bunch for sale. Just search for "rubber strap guard".
Il y a 4 ans
I remember seeing some kind of plastic pouches/sleeves to protect the charms so that you may still use them, but I'm not sure what size they are or where to get them.. Maybe someone else can enlighten you about that if you're interested
Il y a 4 ans
I'm having the same dilemma right now, I have a bunch of new acrylic charms that I want to attach to things but I hate scratched acrylic with every fiber of my being so they've just been sitting in a box for months..doesn't help that more and more acryl.charms are being manufactured *screams from my bank account*

I only have one suggestion that I haven't tried myself yet - Cutting and placing screen protectors (A4 ones from Daiso if you have any near by, a lot cheaper there :) ) to fit over the charms.
I want to place them on both the clear side and printed side, but I'm worried the printed side will be damaged when I have to remove the protector. And the sides will also have to go unprotected..

That's about the only solution I have that might be cheaper than buying doubles right now though, if I do go through with it I'll let you know how it went!
Il y a 4 ans
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