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  • Muntoe Lover of cacti ♡꒰*・ω・
    I'm loving all these new features, that hover wheel is so nifty. Thanks kuma!
    Il y a 8 ans
    kilani Sayaka Rank
    Really neat! I noticed the 'hover' thing yesterday too ^^ Love these new additions.

    Another thing I think would be really cool for lists, is if we could sort of custom group items in the lists. For instance, I have a Madoka Magica list. It would be neat if I could specify certain items to it's own line, with a title above it.

    For instance:
    (Custom Grid)


    My Nendoroids
    [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

    My Favorites
    [1] [2] [3]

    Hope my explanation is good. I could make an image example too. The list is my personal favorite feature on the site that you've made, it's really nice for managing collection and having some fun with it online.
    Il y a 8 ans
    I'm not sure I like the rotating images, I hope there is an option to toggle it later
    Il y a 8 ans
    the rotating items are a funny gimmick, thx ^^
    Il y a 8 ans
    Asako Om nom nom
    kumasanmk@Asako, this feature does not require a Supporter account.

    Ah I see, that's excellent then. It just looked like the sort of advanced option like with customising profiles. I have made icons for my lists, and appreciate the ability to do so. ^^
    Il y a 8 ans
    @Asako, this feature does not require a Supporter account.
    Il y a 8 ans
    Asako Om nom nom
    Nice, but lifetime support costs too much. :( A friend generously gave me three months previously, and I liked it, but not nearly enough to pony up $90 for lifetime.
    Il y a 8 ans
    cool :)
    Il y a 8 ans
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