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Is the Order a Rabbit Cafe LootIs the Order a Rabbit Cafe Loot

bethykinsbethykinsIl y a 3 ansLoot
Hello! I'm in Japn at the moment on holiday and found that there is currently an "Is the order a Rabbit" cafe in Akihabara!!


I got all excited and went there but found that unfortunately you can only eat at the cafe and get the special themed food if you also do Karaoke (and that's just not me!)

However they did have super cute pop-ups of each of the girls:


Settling for a picture I went to leave and then found that there is a lottery downstairs for people to win mini-versions of the girls! I ended up winning a few but went back today and won the rest of the set! I also ended up winning a set of the chibi girls who are also limited to the event!!

I love them and can't wait to put them up! But I only want the dress versions.


I just wanted to share my loot and let anyone currently in Japan know about the event :)

I'm also selling my spares over on figure.fm as I spent waaaaaay too much money trying to win dress Cocoa (she was the rarest)


Finally you can follow my travels in Japan at

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I want a scale figure of Rize in that dress. Actually, I want figures of Rize in all her outfits, and there's definitely plenty to choose from.

The cafe looks great. I'm so happy Gochiusa is so popular, and I can't wait for the next season.
Il y a 3 ans
So cute!! I'm glad Gochuusagi is getting love! I'm debating over whether or not I really need those extra Chinos you're selling, lol, they're really cute
Il y a 3 ans
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