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My collection includes 6 different figures of Neon Genesis Evangelion character Nagisa Kaworu. Currently there are only 4 high end PVC figures of Kaworu for purchase (apart from the Medicom RAH,) and I own all of them (plus a prize figure and a tiny trading figure.)
The primary purpose of this entry is to make a solid comparison between the 4 high quality PVC figures available of the 17th Angel Nagisa Kaworu.

[Kotobukiya] Rebuild of Evangelion ES Series 1/8 scale Nagisa Kaworu
SCULPT: 7/10 PAINTING: 7/10 POSE: 8/10 BASE: 9/10
This figure is sculpted by Tatsumaki, and is based on an illustration by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto from the artbook Carmine.

It's clear that Tatsumaki had his work cut out for him making a figure that can live up to Sadamoto's wonderful art. His success at replicating the illustration was mixed.
Kaworu has very distinctive beautiful grey feathery hair, but it's not captured exceptionally well in this figure.
The strands don't seem separate enough from each other, and are too blunt, not properly tapered to points. The coloration also seems off somehow, like it's too shiny.
His face is better, matches the illustration well, and interestingly enough this is the only figure of Kaworu I have where he doesn't have a mysterious smile. It looks most pleasing from a 3/4 angle, probably the angle it was meant to be viewed, and looks a bit odd from the front.
The cat is detailed well for something so small, and is removable, so you could put some other small object in Kaworu's hands if you so desired.
My favourite part of this figure by far is the base. It's based off the scene at the beginning of episode 24, where we first meet Kaworu, perched on a broken statue of what is eventually revealed to be an Evangelion Mass-Production Unit.
The attention to detail on the base is marvelous--tiny cracks wind across the surface, and each individual "stone" feather has been sculpted. For me the figure is worth keeping for the base alone.
If you take a fancy to the base and his outfit like I did, or just want to get all the Kaworu figures, then he's worth having if you can find him for a decent price. If not, then there are better figures of Kaworu to choose from instead, particularly since this figure is now rare and expensive, mostly showing up on eBay at $100 or more.

[Kotobukiya] Neon Genesis Evangelion ES Series 1/8 scale Nagisa Kaworu and Ikari Shinji School Uniform ver.
SCULPT: 8/10 PAINTING: 9/10 POSE: 8/10 BASE: 7/10

These figures are sculpted by Asada Saki and come together. To my knowledge this is the ONLY high-end figure of Shinji (other than the Medicom RAH.)
Kaworu and Shinji were released as a counterpart to Kotobukiya's Asuka and Rei Plug Suits ver., as you can probably guess from the similar bases. I would have loved if they'd been posed like in the picture below, but that's not going to happen... Unlike Asuka and Rei, Kaworu and Shinji can be separated, but since they're meant to be displayed together I always keep them together <3

Kaworu's fluffy hair was handled well, with lots of separate strands and a soft, dove-gray color which gets gradually darker towards the tips. Shinji's hair is very plain, but he has very plain hair in the series too, so what can you do.
The hands look especially nice--fine-boned and delicate.
Both faces are well-sculpted and Shinji actually looks happy for once! Kaworu has his trademark mysterious smile and if you put them next to each other as they are shown on the box, you'll notice he's looking at Shinji.
Their base is pretty neat actually. It's made of lightweight glossy plastic, slightly translucent, and the NERV logo on it is matte red. It does, however, attract dust like nothing else. Put these figures in a display case or something because if you do not you will be dusting the base three times a day.
If you're a Kaworu/Shinji fan like me, then these figures are extremely appealing. They show up on eBay and Mandarake from time to time, but you'll probably end up paying 8000 yen or more as they were released some time ago. If you only like Kaworu, you can pass on them.

[MegaHouse] G.E.M. Series Rebuild of Evangelion 1/8 scale Nagisa Kaworu
SCULPT: 9/10 PAINTING: 9/10 POSE: 9/10 BASE: 9/10
This is one of the most breathtaking figures I have ever had the pleasure of owning. Even in his small size he is a graceful, mysterious beauty that evokes everything that made the character wonderful in the series.
Kaworu's feathery hair is resplendent with shading, from soft dove grey to an almost silvery white, with a glossy sheen that reflects the light ever so slightly. His piercing red eyes stand out dramatically against his pale face.
The curves and lean lines of his body are on full display in the tight plugsuit, which is painted a gorgeous, shiny deep purple-blue, like liquid flowing down his body. The silver accents almost look like metal, and the red orbs seem to glow--the one in the center of his chest looks like red glass. The colors are astoundingly vibrant.
I absolutely LOVE the pose of this figure. You can almost picture elegant feathered wings spreading out behind his back--this is the 17th Angel at his most angelic.
The base is simple, tiny and unobtrusive, but I really like its curving flow, like liquid. It more than does the job and looks striking at that. I think it would have been neat if it had been LCL orange, but the translucent red matches the overall colour scheme better.
Plain and simple, this is a must-have for a Kaworu fan. It captures his mysterious nature perfectly. He's absolutely spectacular, and will be a crown jewel of my collection for a long time to come. He shows up regularly on Mandarake at prices from around 5000 yen up to 9000 yen.

[Kotobukiya] Rebuild of Evangelion 1/6 scale Nagisa Kaworu Plug Suit ver.
SCULPT: 9/10 PAINTING: 9/10 POSE: 9/10 BASE: 8/10

This is the only figure of Kaworu at 1/6 scale, and he commands your attention wherever he is placed.
More than any of the other figures, the box is very eye-catching. It's all made of a partially transparent plastic (no cardboard!) and is so pretty that you could honestly leave the figure inside and it would still look nice.
His hair has been made from translucent PVC, a recent trend in figure manufacturing, so rather than reflecting off of it the light passes through it, lighting it almost from within. The translucence lends him an ethereal look. His face is probably the best thing about him. Kaworu is always smiling, but this is a much more seductive look than we're used to seeing.
Kotobukiya opted for a slightly glossy matte finish on the plugsuit, with a bit more shine on the silver portions.
As if there wasn't enough to feast your eyes on, Kaworu is placed on an impressively sculpted bust of his own personal Evangelion Unit from the Rebuild, the "Eva Mark 06." The base is beautiful enough that you could honestly display it on its own. Every detail of the Eva has been replicated in "stone" and when Kaworu is sitting on it, it almost seems to bow down for him.
That said, there isn't really anything to keep Kaworu on the base (like pegs or notches) and so it's a bit dicey getting him on it. He has to be placed just right or he'll slip off.
However, bottom line, he is too gorgeous to miss. If you are a Kaworu fan then you simply must have him. He shows up relatively commonly on Mandarake in the 5000-8000 yen range, so don't let him pass you by. You won't regret it.

In general, every figure of Kaworu is approached similarly since he is admittedly a rather one-dimensional character (especially in comparison to the other characters in the series.) However, male figures are so uncommon, and Kaworu is so pretty, that anyone who collects males or Evangelion figures would do well to have some figures of him in their collection. Now I can just hope (fruitlessly, I'm sure) that someday Kotobukiya or MegaHouse or another manufacturer will release some lovely figures of Shinji to go with him.
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Hmm, it's so hard to pick between MegaHouse and Koto's Kaworu. They both look marvellous.
Although, I think MegaHouse's really captures Kaworu's character and it just look so splendid.
(Then again...Kotobukiya Kaworu's face is very beautiful. I am not a fan girl of Kaworu, but Jesus, he's pretty *//.//*)
Il y a 7 ans
takenyaka Lunar Kaworu
GEM is my most favorite still. He's beyond perfection!
Il y a 7 ans
YorunoIt would be great if you also added images here. Very interesting.

I'll try to add them in later but MFC's image system sometimes wreaks havoc with my formatting system, and I'd really prefer people view my articles on my LJ, so.
Il y a 8 ans
It would be great if you also added images here. Very interesting.
Il y a 8 ans
Nice reviews on the Kaworu figures. I am also trying to collect everything Kaworu related. I believe Kotobukiya's and MegaHouse's Kaworu are the best ones out there. I am collecting money to buy Koto's 1/6 one and hoping for a MegaHouse's re-release. I also read the version with the pictures. They are all so beautiful.
Il y a 8 ans