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#figurefridaychallenge: Flowers

What goes better together than flowers and PVC! Hopefully we're finally out of the cold weather and into something that can be considered warm enough for flowering season. Sorry southern hemisphere folks. You'll have to wait till your spring.

Regardless, there's always the flower store... or the neighbor's garden, who's flowers always seem to be growing much better than yours. Just don't trample on them too much.

Challenge requested by Mellisa Venn via this entry: goo.gl/8XnzH5

Have fun and be sure let us know if you participate by dropping off the photo to the community.



Photo Credit: Momohime shot by Mellisa Venn: goo.gl/8XnzH5

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Access to flowers...

9%Cut flowers from the flower store
9%Gifted flowers
55%Flowers in/from your own garden
9%Fake flowers
0%Self crafted flowers
0%Dried flowers
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