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#figurefridaychallenge - Seven#figurefridaychallenge - Seven

warazashiwarazashiIl y a 4 ansNews
#figurefridaychallenge: Seven

Because the seven deadly sins would have been a little too obvious.

Seven can be a count, it can signify some type of luck, or it may simply be something that is relevant to the figure, like with Eureka below from Eureka 7.

Time to stretch that imagination and find a relevant story to tell about "Seven" :).

Have fun and be sure let us know if you participate by dropping off the photo to the community.



Photo Credit: Eureka shot by MEMURUC: goo.gl/HUnMq3

If you want to see some of the previous challenges, you can check out the Figure Photography Challenge Archive.
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  • 20%Dragonballs
  • 10%Lucky Dieties
  • 40%Deadly Sins
  • 0%Tongarashi
  • 0%Wonders of the World
  • 10%Dwarfs
  • 20%Servants
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