Saber Alter v2 (2nd Ver) Dollfie DreamSaber Alter v2 (2nd Ver) Dollfie DreamReview

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Saber Alter v2 (2nd Ver) Dollfie Dream
Type-Moon x Volks


A couple of people said they would be interested in it so today we'll be looking at the second Saber Alter DD! The first release was one of the rarer Dollfies, so Volks released a new version due to popular demand. The sculpt of this version is identical, but her clothes are totally new, and her wig and face have minor differences.

The new outfit was designed personally by Takeuchi Takashi of Type-Moon specially for this new release.

I'll re-use the boxshots from the Extra article I did. Click on any of the photos if you want to see a larger view.


Both boxes have a similar format and they look quite nice. They are strong so there's no worries of damage during transport.


Opening the box we see all her clothes and accessories.


The main part of her dress.


The instruction leaflet. I make sure to keep all of these safe! It's only actually a single page. It looks like more here because the Saber Extra one is underneath it.


This is the part which goes on her arms. It's separate from the dress. I have no idea what it's called!


Her underwear. She has garters on her socks, which you can't see at all if you put on the full outfit, but it's a nice detail.


Alter comes with her sword, Black Excalibur. I'm really glad to have Black Excalibur at last because the first release of Saber Alter did not come with it. There were custom ones available but they were expensive and hard to get hold of.


And here are her boots. They are nicely done, and zip all the way up.


Here's Saber Alter herself! She is a white skin DD which means she is very pale compared to the majority of them.


Detailing on the front of the dress. The patterns go quite nicely with it imo.


Some shots from behind. Her dress has a huge ribbon on the back, you can't really go wrong with a huge ribbon.


Slightly higher shot showing her hair ribbons. The outfit looks very nice from the back as well. Saber Alter doesn't have an ahoge on the top of her head like the others, but she still has Saber's trademark bun. The bun is really nicely done as always.


A little closeup of her arms. You can see that they have a tiny little ribbon on the back.


Now, what is the difference between Saber Alter v1 and v2? Here's a shot of the two together!

The new version has a slightly 'softer' looking face in my opinion, due to the fact she has more blush.

v2's outfit is a brand new design by Takeuchi Takashi. I like it a lot, but I think I still prefer the first version, as that's how she appears in the game.


Here's a full length shot of the two. I realized that this is the only full length shot that I took, but never mind. My camera flash ran out of batteries.

At least it came out nicely. You can see the full length dress here :)


Here she is on my desk! Can you spot her figma? (`・ω・´)


I am pleased with Alter v2! I got her with Extra, and although Extra was the more anticipated one for me, Alter is really nice too. She was 62000 yen from the Volks international store.

If you missed my Saber Extra review, you can find it here: blog/2203&b...

Thanks for reading :)
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A very interesting article... I was unaware that the earlier release was completely different. Did the stand come separate?
Il y a 5 ans
Great review and amazing collection.

Hopefully they will make a Saber Bride dollfie next!
Il y a 8 ans
I'm really glad that her sword is included... and if only her old outfit was on this new one. I like the new outfit but it should have just been an extra outfit like the track suit or swim suit, in my opinion. Thanks for putting up pictures!
Il y a 8 ans
Strife212 Original Blue
vidaotakuRespect to your collection! ;)


Thanks :)

chocophsycoOh, i wish someday i will be able to buy a saber dollfie..she is so cute and unique. But now she is totally unreachable for me :(

You never know, they way they are making them, there might even be another one soon. Zero ver? lol
Il y a 8 ans
Oh, i wish someday i will be able to buy a saber dollfie..she is so cute and unique. But now she is totally unreachable for me :(
Il y a 8 ans
Respect to your collection! ;)
Il y a 8 ans
Il y a 8 ans