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Month in Japan Loot!Month in Japan Loot!

bethykinsbethykinsIl y a 3 ansLoot
A few of you may already be aware but after lots of saving and hardwork I finally had enough money and I was able to spend the month of May in Japan.

Well.... almost all of May, we actually flew out on the 28th April and returned to the UK on the 27th May and I have to say it was incredible!!

You can read my daily blog on the holiday if you are interested here:

However this post is all about the loot that was obtained throughout my travels, pre-warning in advance that it is very picture heavy.
I also apologise for the delay in doing this post however I ended up buying so much stuff that alongside the extra suitcase that we brought home a lot of stuff also got posted and the final box arrived today!!

*I also includes the few items that I ordered whilst I was in Japan as they also came out of my budget*

Absolutely no order to the pictures, they got taken as and when the suitcases got unpacked and when the post arrived :D :D

I spent far too long in gamecentres and managed to win a full set (at the time) of the released love live straps, also nabbed an extra Rin as she was super cute and I wanted to use her :)
All of the other straps were picked up at random second hand stores or lasingbang branches, I was really happy with the key straps - especially Misuzu- as I'd been after her for years<3

A few more straps, I wanted to get some sailor moon bits and loved Venus in person, the Hanayo and Rinon are also adorable. Plus a little Hello Kitty on the universal studios globe.

Picked up some adorable Pokemon straps in one of the mandarake stores and couldn't resist buying the only piece of kimi no tokode merch that I saw in a little second hand shop. All of the other straps were bought from animate or cospa stores. The nendoroid plus straps are the best quality wise, though were priced to reflect this ):

My first batch of Kotori loot. She is my waifu and I definitely went overboard but I dont careeeeeeee!!
The huge strap is gorgeous its stained glass, I need to figure out the best way to display it to show its beauty.

My azone clothes loot, a santa set and shrine maiden set from Mandarake and a full outfit ready for one of the girls I bought...

Azones!! Sahra was bought from Mandarake and has since already been re-homed as she didn't fit the character I bought her for. Hanayo is still with me and she is the proud new owner of the above outfit. It was a nightmare to buy her an outfit as barely any Azones have large busts.

Throughout the trip I kept a lookout for as many different kitkat flavours as possible, i think that these are: Rum and Raisen, Matcha, Chilli, Strawberry Cheesecake, Strawberry, Tea.
Surprisingly apart from the chilli ones none have been opened yet!

A few more: Red Bean, Normal cheesecake which can apparrently go in the oven? Wa Ichigo, Sakura Matcha, Raspberry.

More sweets!!
Giant Rainbow Pocky, this is super yummy, esp the vanilla :O
I also brought home a box of Giant Matcha Pocky but i condensed the box for travel.
Sailor moon gummy sweets! Found these in one little store in Nagoya and then searched every other animate store for them, my bf summed them up as tasting of "Moon Prism Power!"
Kotori caramel corn - not yet tried
Pikachu chocolates - currently unopened

A few cute bits, inc chopsticks and stands from the pokemon centre and some adorable pens. Plus a plushie of the JPost mascot.

Is the Order a Rabbit cuteness!
Alice x Chino stand, Cocoa coaster, square badge, postcards, magnet, glasses case, glasses cloth.
I loved how much adorable stuff they had for this series<3 The glasses case is quite fragile though i find even if it rubs on anything black it gets damaged ):

A few more bits with lots of Cocoa/Chino goodness! Also a couple of shrine plaques? (Not really sure what these are actually called) bought the Inari KonKon one at the shrine that the anime was based on.

A few microfiber mini towels (I collect these)

A totally adorable Love Live acryllic stand, this looks lovely in place and the sun shines through it.
Enough notepads to last me through a year and some collectable shikishi.

Some lovelive stands (the missing ones hadn't arrived yet) plus some post it notes and a lovely little budgie key cover that I found to the entrance to a shrine!

Right! bits and bobs!
One moving eevee (100yen!) one carved eevee, a sailor moon and a couple of rascals which hang on the edge of glasses. and lots of other little bits :)

A few more straps (i returned to one store for the Yuri strap - it was quite expesive however cute!)
I squeeled out loud when I found the Kotori mirror, I missed the pre-order at amiami and then could only find the other characters, this was hidden deep in a small Animate in Shinjuku!
Also some weiss cards (slightly addicted to these now)

First figures!!
Homura -quite expensive but I never got her to complete my Madoka set so caved
Misaka - adorable summery beach figure, YES.
Mio - Again same reasoning as Homura, still all complete now except for Ui
Miki<3 - she caused me heartache, I expected to be able to find her everywhere on release day but nope she was no-where, found her a few days later for 15k D: no, just no. Then eventually and luckily found her for 1000yen over retail so snapped her up as she was the only one.

The already released love live nendos that I was missing - slightly annoyed at the rerelease considering the price I paid but cant win them all.
Picked up SenBon Miku on release and the Touhou petits in a manda store.

More Nendos!
Elsa from the lovely Jungle store - better than manda for somethings, esp organisation!
Plus a couple of little busters nendos and Tsukiko as I had been annoyed at missing their cuteness!
Found a fullset of the Uta Pri petits in a manda but since sold them as after opening them found I only really want Otoya (if your selling him on his own lemme know!!)

Giant golden bag of Moe!!

Other side is also adorable!

Some non anime cuteness, a panda windchime, panda room freshener, and a really lovely stained glass pocket mirror (+ other stuff)

Some clear files
- love live dominos one is amazing, I love how big chains adopt cute promotions!

A few more clear files

Is the Order a Rabbit pop up cut outs - there was a limited edition event in Akihabara where you could play a lottery to win these, i spent FAR FAR too much money in my quest for a fullset and therefor have tons spare if anyone wants to buy any PM me.
(not the ones in the picture but the ones i have spares of)

Dollfie stuff!
- volks coat that was released a few years back
- an azone set
- Alnas casual outfit set! missing the socks but was a great price so couldnt pass it up
- a cute cap I picked up from a dealer stall at Dollpa
- Mirai's maid set - I really wanted to buy this in Japan rather than online so I could pop round to DannyChoos office and say hi - i was awestruck but it was so inspiring.

Cute tupperware, pikmin ice cream sets, kitby cups and ofc a Kotori plate!
Oh and a pikachu riceball mould (this is so much fun)

More! I love all of these!
A ceramic pikachu bowl/plate, a crackled effect bunny cup which is just so adorable (though a nightmare to get home!) and some Kiki's delivery service bits, a flask and a adorable really girly cup which I love.

The is the order a rabbit art book and a special comic con art book.
Another mini towel for my addiction and some k-on stands :)
Also souvenir keyrings from our visit to the maid cafe "Maid Dreamin"

Kotori wall scroll, the only one I was missing, I put these up on rotation

More random bits and TsumTsums and a couple of cute phone cases.

Some of Japans signiture cute hair accessories, umbrellas, jewellery and purses. Also bought the cute little Liz Lisa bag which i regret a little >_>

Normal bag and an is the order a rabbit shoulder bag :)

A few small risers which work really well for nendoroid petits, wish i could find these in the UK!

All things SQUISHY<3

Love live petits :)

Love live nintengos which were bundled with magazines

a few more plus Santa Miku nendoroid petit

More trading figures!

And a few more, i dont usually collect trading figures but its more fun in japan attempting blind boxes!

Yet more mini towels and some love live pens - I have since learnt that these write terribly D:

More dollfie stuff, double sets for my noumi twins (though im since thnking i might only need one set, need to see if they release the MDD set in blue too) - also an older MDD set i'd been after for a while and a cute headband from Dollpa

More squishies, plus socks, a tea towel from Nara and more Kotori

A really lovely Fuko zip up pouch, really unsure what i'll do with it but I had to buy it!
Also found an old cospa halloween Noumi pillow cover and picked up a new towel for the gym.

More nendos! Nagisa from Manda and Sakura from a volks store - was surprised at the amount of Sakura's hanging around actually!

Picked up the full size Santa Miku nendo as my christmas figures are running low - also caved and bought the Kotori beach queen figure, I genuinely thought it'd be easier to find cheaper but it was constantly around 14k so i jumped on it at this price in the end.

Another couple of notebooks - honestly im going to have enough to last me forever but it was hard to find other Aikatsu merch so I couldnt help myself.
Plus lots of other randoms :)

Yet more mini towels, the missing love live stands that got delivered and yet another pen.

A few more squishies, I have zero use for all of these, honeslty it was more fun playing the games to win now I dont know what to do with them all! I won more than double and was walking round giving them out to cute schoolgirls! Moe!

Some more straps - casual Chitoge and Onodera are my favourites here! My bf found them in a little shop and bought them in secret <3

Yet another phone case (im having to rotate these every couple of weeks to be able to appreciate them all) - and more Weiss cards.

More clearfile goodness.

Well thats about it....
Oh wait did I forget something?
Or someone?


who me?

Nawwww, nah I didnt actually buy her in Japan but I did get the really cute outfit from one of the dealer tables at Dollpa and I was also able to pick up one of the Volks sofas. This came in an absolutely huge box and was a nightmare to transport, but now its home and is totally worth it!

I also bought lots of cute clothes and bits for me and tons and tons of gifts but they arnt pictured :)

Apologies for all the pictures and txt and thankyou/congratulations if you made it all the way to the end!!
As amazing as my loot is (in my eyes) its nothing in comparison to the trip that I had and the sights that I saw<3
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Your Kotori/LL haul is making my next trip to Japan very dangerous for my wallet...
Il y a 3 ans
oh wow those mini risers look great! by any chance do you remember where you bought them in japan? would like to know next time i go =]
Il y a 3 ans
Kirenisa I am a collector!
woa amazing haul must have been expensive + to take back with you but amazing! x3
Il y a 3 ans
Goodness, that's a lot of merch! I couldn't even begin to imagine how you were able to fit all that in a suitcase (let alone how much it all cost ;~;).

Makes me want to start planning my own trip sometime soon with my buddies. XD
Il y a 3 ans
OH WOW! You have so much loot and it's all so cute :< :< :<
Are those some pic-lil straps? They're so difficult to find online!
I want to go to Japan now ;^;
Il y a 3 ans
R_Kasahara ( =₃=)*
Great loot, and wow, that's a lot of it! o_o; I'll be in Japan for most of October, and now I'm wondering how much I'm going to buy-- not just for me, but I'm planning to do my Christmas shopping there too…

Regarding the stuff you had shipped home: how easy was it to do? Have any tips?
Il y a 3 ans
bethykins (Il y a 3 ans) #3251597Ahhhh thank you!!
Thank you! I'm sure yours was amazing, do you have pictures I'd love to see :)
ehhh not nearly as much :P but here BLOG #23065
Il y a 3 ans
WHOA! Your suitcase must be huge to fit all that + Everything you brought with you from the beginning. Awesome loot anyway. I also want to go to Japan...
Il y a 3 ans
Your loot is overwhelmingly beautiful! How was visiting Danny Choo's office? :0 I'm planning on buying a Smart Doll and have been dreaming of seeing that building.
Il y a 3 ans
Your loot is so amazing it almost makes me want to cry. My favorites are the Is the Order a Rabbit pop ups, the LL straps and the shiny moe bag. So cute! You're into a lot of the same series that I like right now so it was a joy going through your photos. Thank you for sharing!
Il y a 3 ans
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