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  • Like all amiibos, they're not region locked.
    Il y a 4 ans
    aigisIl y a 4 ans#3758763Snip

    That's a relief - maybe I can avoid falling in the moneytrap, then!

    iPOUTIl y a 4 ans#3759164Snip

    That seems a bit unfair, indeed. To make matters worse, the 6 euro version is only sold in one chain, rest of them price the 3 packs at 9 euros or therabouts. I wonder if these are supposed to be like trading cards, though.

    sarunamirabuIl y a 4 ans#3759251Snip

    I saw a binder for them on sale somewhere, so they'll probably be easiest to collect with those? Not sure, really.. I probably won't collect them too much, if they're not required for the game :P. Might buy a few now and then from each set.

    nammyIl y a 4 ans#3766304Snip

    When you say NPC, which ones do you mean? The SP ones do indeed seem to only appear on the cards. I have no idea if they're region locked, I'll have to look into that - if they're not, buying the US version WOULD be much cheaper, though!
    Il y a 4 ans
    The only cards that matter are the NPC/SP ones - everyone else apparently cycles through the game.
    If cards aren't region locked (idk i dont have them), I'd suggest buying the American ones. Or the Japanese ones, whatever. The 3 cards Euros get is a rip off.
    Il y a 4 ans
    I bought two packs recently while I was out looking for more amiibo because "lol I collect amiibo, why not". Opened the packs, got no doubles, though they were kinda cute.

    Big mistake; I'm planning on casually collecting them now LOL and maybe getting the game to justify buying the cards;;;;
    Il y a 4 ans
    After playing the game a little bit, I don't believe the cards are important. You're right, all they do is just give you a certain character faster and let you invite villagers over to another character's home after it's been designed (they don't talk when they visit, they just whistle and wave hello).

    Personally, I don't think I'll buy anymore cards considering that they're not that important and they're going to be so many in the future. Also, I only want one specific villager (Marshal) and since he's not in this first series, I might just wait and trade.

    Also, I'm confused by how the cards are being distributed around the world. In the US we get 6 cards for 6 USD. It's seem very unfair that you're paying 6 euros for a 3-pack.
    Il y a 4 ans
    aigis kuso teitoku
    from what i know, the villager cards aren't necessary; in my game i already have designed homes for villagers that have cards - so in that respect, yes, it's more just a way to get the villagers you want faster... though there might be a cap on the villagers that show up naturally in game?

    however for the special characters i've yet to see them come to me as clients (aside from lottie in the tutorial) so the amiibo cards are most likely the only way to design their homes.
    Il y a 4 ans
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