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SengokuGensuiSengokuGensuiIl y a 4 ans
Hey all,

I was planning to dedicate my fifth blog entry for my introduction and a view of my collections, but then THIS happened. I discovered a scratch on my Suguha, ITEM #166910, which I own for more than a year.

I bought her A/B from AmiAmi, and I remember inspecting her when she arrived, not finding anything at that time. I can't complain to AmiAmi, as so much time had passed since the purchase. I can't even be sure if it's their fault, since she WAS unopened. I don't know what to think... Luckily it's not located in a visible area. It's on her right butt cheek, just below her shirt. It's 0.25 cm long, but rather deep though. I tried to take a picture of it, but my stupid phone camera won't focus.

Can it be a production flaw?
Can AmiAmi have cheated me?
Can the one who sold it to AmiAmi lied to them, and they didn't notice it?
I'm positive that it didn't happen when at my custody, as she was on a shelf all the time. But maybe it did?

It's so annoying! I remember I bought a new one, then spotted this pre-owned one for 1K less, so I changed them. As I am today, I would prefer the new one, since it's such a low difference, but then I was really trying to save every penny, because I was still at a place where spending 8K on a figure seems too much for me... If it's a production flaw it can't be helped either way, but if not?

Did such a thing ever happened to you? Remember, we're talking about a long-time-owned figures, not new arrivals. Tell your stories in the comments.
Well, I'm off to mourn my Suguha,

Edit: Thinking of how I complain about a scratch when other people have packages getting lost, receiving bootlegs, etc. reminds me of what Chandler (from Friends) said when Ross whined about not being able to decide between Rachel and July:
Oh no, two women love me! The both gorgeous and sexy! My wallet's too small for my fifties, and my diamond shoes are too tight!
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When discovering a flaw on a figure you own for a long time, you:

18%Don't do anything about it. I love ALL of my figures regardless of age, sex, gender, race, AND imperfections. They're my babies.
39%Get upset for a while, but forget about it over time.
2%Go to cry in a quite corner of my house, cry some more in my bed, and shed tears every time I look at it. But keep it.
0%Get a rage attack and yell in frustration, while making contact with all of the possible suspects. But keep it.
2%Buy another one when possible, and keep the flawed one for nostalgic purposes.
2%Buy another one when possible, and sell the flawed one.
2%Buy another one ASAP, and sell the flawed one.
0%Buy another one ASAP, and smash the flawed one under a brick.
6%Commit Seppuku.
6%Blame the cat.
21%Nothing is perfect
3%Attempt to fix it.
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I wouldn't really bother to be upset over it since the damage probably isn't visible when the figure is displayed anyway.
Unless you've got her displayed with her butt towards you.

To be fair, there're only a very few of my figures I'd be sad over if they got some damage.
I don't care about resell value and I like moving my figures around, posing them and stuff.
There wouldn't be much joy to be found in this hobby for me if I constantly had to be worried about the condition of my figures.
Il y a 4 ans
Tomoe neL killed my wallet
I literally just had this happen to me just 2 hours ago
I looked at one of my favorite figurines in the entire collection and noticed that she had a small paint flaw on her hair. I was distraught, how could that have happened? I kept her in a glass case for her entire life and I've had her for around 1 month TOPS.
I went through my photos and found out that she was like that upon arrival and I just never noticed until now. *Cue heartbreak* I'll probably get over it, but until then it's really sad to me LOL
Il y a 4 ans
To be honest, I react the same after 2 years of collecting.
My first figure was Ace Strong World Edition P.O.P and he is far from perfect, but at the time, he was perfect to me, and is still today. I feel like I would cheat him if I'd be to buy another one to take a chance of "let's get a no flaw figure". I bought recenlty Koala P.O.P and she has a paint flaw, I tried some stuff on her to make it look fade, and it worked somehow, but the flaw is on her back, so... I forget about it over time, sometimes I just don't even see them anymore! From now on, I try to find pictures of the figure before buying it, here on MFC, most of the time, when I know that the figure will be sold out in a few weeks. I buy carefully now, even if I love a character, but I know there can be too many flaws, I just don't buy it. Tokyo Otaku Mode, even expensive, has been my savior, I always get lucky with figures, scale or nendos, which makes me very happy. So I pay more but at least, I get prestine figures, they must have a cheat code or something!! :)
Anyways, cheer up! As time goes by, you will still love all your figures no matter what, when the feeling is there, nothing can stop a collector to like his/her figures! (^-^)/ And by buying carefully, you save tons of money *laughs* (true story) Hope that helps! ^o^
Il y a 4 ans
No such thing as a perfect figure, honestly. I've had stuff come to me brand new and have scratches, you just have to accept it and not sweat the small stuff. It was really hard for me at first because I have a bit of OCD, but I think it helps a lot to think of it like user @wewe said. It's proof of love! And it's unique to you, in all its flaws.

Also sometimes it gives me something to touch up with acrylics or clean.
Il y a 4 ans
If I caused the damage, meh, proof of luv. If someone else caused the damage, I bring out pitch forks!

If it came to me with damage, I'll care for it like a grandma on a sick bed.
Il y a 4 ans
Seeing as my collection gets played with, scratches, dirt, and such are bound to happen under my care. And I don't mind it that much at all since it shows sign of play and therefore loved. Yes I am strange, but so long as its nothing major I really don't care.
Il y a 4 ans
It most likely did happen in your care. Sometimes no matter how careful you are, things happen that you didn't notice at the time. It even happened to me. A small dot of paint is gone from the right leg of ITEM #13744. I never noticed anything happened to it, I just saw it that way one day, and to this day I don't know how it happened. :P
Il y a 4 ans
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