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OrannisOrannisIl y a 8 ans
The first time Kurisu saw PVC was in the form of Kotobukiya's horribly plasticky looking version, which, while the execution was nice, the face and head was enough cause to pass on it.
So of course, I was thrilled when Goodsmile's take went up. And now here she is, in all her tsundere majesty.

The box is very nicely done, with the front emblazoned with Kurisu's Lab Member number. The sides and back are pretty standard GSC fare, with 360 images of the figure. The side windows seem more just for decoration as you can't actually see the figure through them.

She actually comes with two bases; a standard white disk with the Steins;Gate logo, as well as a very impressive set of steps. I WONDER WHICH ONE I'M USING. You'll also notice that they're reinforced with a metal pole to help support her, as she's balanced on one leg.

You can see right off the bat that GSC's Kurisu is far more dynamic than Koto's. I'd guess that Koto's was designed off the more stylized visual novel version, whereas GSC's was done off the more 'realistic' anime version.

I really love how the jacket is 'blowing'. You can see that they've got it hovering well off her back, rather than affixing it to her back as a lower quality figure probably would.

For me, the face is probably the most important part of the figure. If the rest of the figure is amazing, I'll still pass if the face is poorly done. You can see here that they got it spot on, with a lovely forlorn look that is very typical of her.

A couple little things I noticed that they could have done better though were the neck of the tie, and the shirt itself. You'll notice that the tie is kind of just stuck on there, rather than having it tucked in under the collar, and I'm rather disappointed that they didn't sculpt her shirt buttons. It's a pretty significant oversight, considering how prominent it is.

They did include other little details though, like the little star on her belt buckle, which was a nice touch.

The phone is also nicely detailed, and isn't actually sculpted into her hand, as you might have seen when she was in the box. It still sits in the hand very securely though, as its corner rests in a tiny groove to stop it from sliding out.

The hair is quite nicely done, and I couldn't find any paint flaws on the figure at all. However, there WERE a few slight casting flaws, specifically on one of the locks of hair, and the right arm. Other than that, I couldn't find any problems mechanically speaking. Even the belts on her arms are painted well. The seam on her hair is quite distinct, but that's pretty much to be expected with a figure with very little hair definition. I WAS hoping that they would use the same solid hair technique as with the new Sayaka figure, but no dice.

Of course, it wouldn't be a proper review without a Dat Ass shot. The back of her belt is really the only place where the paint is a slight bit squiggly, but it's not actually really off, or even really noticeable unless you look really close.

The shoes are pretty nifty as well. The zippers are painted on properly, and they're pretty spiffy on design alone.

Here's a few more shots showing the detail on her shirt pocket, as well as the lip of her pants. You'll notice that the pants aren't just a painted on seam, they're actually sculpted properly.

And what's this? She comes with a little Metal Upa as well! I can't seem to find any purpose for it; it doesn't fit in her hand, and there are no directions or images explaining it.

Also, here are a couple pics of Kurisu in her swimming garb. I actually had to bend out her arm to get the inner tube in there, which was concerning.

Also, the I Have Way Too Many Card Sleeves.

...And a hermit crab because it was on sale at Michaels. FEAR THE CRAB.
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Got this issue with a few other anime queens last month. I fell in love with GSC's version for many of the reasons the reviewer listed and because of the pose. Though I'm not a rabid figurine collector yet I felt this model personifies what it would be like to be a competent, confident, young woman in today's world. Kurisu projects all these dynamics. She is an excellent representative in PVC of all those humanistic ideals one could imagine in a rising star who knows who she is and what she wants. This release is all ready my favorite contemporary figurine.
Il y a 8 ans
DreamerPurpose of metel upa is to put on the stairs base. If you watch the anime, you will understand. :D

I DID watch the anime. I'd have thought they would have a fixed place for it. As it is, if I put it on the stairs it would be obscured from view.
Il y a 8 ans
Purpose of metel upa is to put on the stairs base. If you watch the anime, you will understand. :D
Il y a 8 ans
uwaa the Minene card sleeve~~~
Il y a 8 ans
itsame00What are those sleeve cards that you have mentioned? Are they like card cards?

They're protective sleeves for trading card games, like Magic: the Gathering.
Il y a 8 ans
What are those sleeve cards that you have mentioned? Are they like card cards?
Il y a 8 ans
She's awesome. I regret not buying her. May have to rectify that one day...
Il y a 8 ans
Awesome review, I love this figure, but i didn't have the money at the time of the release (and I don't have it now xD)
Il y a 8 ans