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VioMarinerVioMarinerIl y a 4 ans
Behold my glory... Hear the thunderous applause...
Sit down and praise... My One Piece Dress!


I haven't written a review in a long time so why not start up again with Alphamax's 1/7 Scale Saber EXTRA One Piece Vers. This is the first non-GK figure of Saber EXTRA in her casual clothing from the game Fate EXTRA CCC. It is based off the artwork by the incredible Rco Wada.
*Please Note* Like most reviews this will be photo heavy, though I will try to keep images small and various ones under spoiler tags. Also I am attempting more critical reviews. A score of 7-8 in any area is not BAD. 7-8 to me will be Good/Very Good while 9-10 will be what I consider exceptional. Having a score of 7 does NOT mean the figure has any flaws itself.



Saber came in a rather large box with a red checkerboard background with very faint rose images. There are gold filigree motifs about it along with photos of the figure itself on the sides and back. I do like the shape of the windows on the top and sides and they give off a grand air, outlined in the gold filigree. She can be seen fairly well viewed and displayed in the box thanks to the amount of windows letting in light. The inner box is a yellow check design to match the outside. It's not an outstanding box design but I am very happy with Alphamax's attention to giving Saber EXTRA her royal and extravagant aura with the gold and roses.
Score: 7/10
I REALLY love Saber's base. I had been disappointed with Good Smile Company's 1/7 Saber EXTRA as it had no signs of her iconic rose which Alphamax pretty much made up for in spades. The base is not unnecessarily large and has just the perfect amount of charm to it. There is a bit of transparent layers so the top of the rose is not flat. The figure has no issue standing because of this and it adds an extra dimension to the base, giving a boost to the glossy deep red crimson of the paint.

I want to give the base a score of 10 but there is one slight issue. Only one of Saber's shoes pegs down into the base. It is a sturdy peg and I do not feel that she will lean but because of this her right foot is slightly floating above the base. Thanks to the base not being flat it is hardly noticeable especially displayed from the front but she does wobble a bit when moved.
Score: 8/10
~Sculpting, Posing, & Painting~
Upon close examination I was happy to find no paint defects, seam lines, or any real problems at all on my Saber. Her pose and dress are rather simple yet every little detail is done with care. The many pleated folds on her dress are wonderfully sculpted and look soft to the touch. Folds are sculpted exactly where they should be from the pose on both her dress and socks. The paint is rather matte on most of her outfit save for her glossy red bootie style pumps. They even have a slight sticky feel, but not in a bad way. It feels just like patent leather. The only flaw on her dress would be that the black straps on the back do not actually connect to her red dress. This is very minor though as it can only be found on very close examination at the right angle.
A little extra attention now to her face sculpt and eyes as I recall some prospective buyers were worried how it would turn out in person. Rco Wada's biggest giveaway in her art to me is how she illustrates her eyes. I did not feel like either Kotobukiya or GSC's initial Saber EXTRA's were able to capture the style of Wada's eyes but Alphamax's Saber does a good job. There is a dreamy presence and you can almost sink into the shades of green in Saber's eyes much like in Wada's original art.
Saber's smile is also interestingly sculpted, capturing the slight devious yet cute nature of Saber. It is actually molded into her faceplate, thus the mouth itself is a small crevice. There is a slight glossy pink inside the mouth giving off the feel of lipstick or a bit of her inner mouth showing. It's a little odd to look at up close by itself since it's a bit wavy. Pretty much the :3 face sculpted. With the overall face sculpt though it looks very nice. Her blonde hair is pretty matte as well but there is a sense of shading near the tips and her bangs. From the paint to the sculpt the hair gives off a soft feeling.
I gotta give the parasol it's own little plug. This is one FINE looking accessory, one of the best I've seen. While Saber and her dress were pretty matte there's a lot of different paint and finishes going on with the parasol. The sculpt of the frills, lace, and bows is all on point. Even the inner parasol's metal frame looks very real. I especially like the attention to detail on the parasol's outer frills and the tip which have a very glossy finish. The handle is it's own unique shade of maroon. I adore Saber's figure itself but damn. This is a really, really nice accessory with as much detailing and care put into it as Saber herself.
Voir le spoilerCacher le spoilerhttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/upload/pictures/2015/12/02/1426786.jpeg

Pink and lacy. You can't see them too much but there's a lot of nice little detailing in the creases about it. I like that it matches her outfit.
Score: 8/10
~Overall Thoughts~
I'm a huge fan of Rco Wada if that hasn't been impressed yet and Saber EXTRA is my favorite "variant" of Saber due to her haughty and grandiose nature. Honestly, the overall figure is somewhat simple compared to many other scales in my collection. She is in what is essentially a cute nightie after all. But for what it is Alphamax made it as interesting as possible while staying faithful to the original artwork. I actually prefer her to my GSC Saber EXTRA despite the former having a lot more going on. If you're a Saber fan, Rco Wada fan, or just like cute girls in cute outfits then I would definitely recommend grabbing her. She is a bit pricey for a somewhat simple 1/7 scale at over 10,000JPY but I have no regrets on the purchase. And again, best damn PVC parasol I have ever seen.

Thanks for reading! I leave you with a photo of my two Saber EXTRA's. Which do you prefer?
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Which Saber Extra do you prefer?

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This convinced me to buy this figure but I will consider to buy the one of GSC.Also, alphamax lately has been making some amazing figures and i'm really amazed by them.One of my favorite companies.
Il y a 4 ans
Your review convinced me to get this figure, thank you!
Il y a 4 ans
Ardenor Bashiraibazu Rio
You know I've been a mark for Alphamax products lately. Their body of work in the last couple of years has been damn impressive. And by the look and sound of things, we've got another winner here in Saber Extra.

Great review, VioMariner! I think it's great that you're reviewing your figures with a more critical eye. It's perfectly fair to grade 7/8 as "good" as opposed to "great" or even "near perfect." After all, how else can we create a distinction between average and perfection? A good figure is still a good figure in my book. Nothing more, nothing less.
Il y a 4 ans
VioMariner PLATINUM Disco~
de-ciderIl y a 4 ans#5118917I like this review because of the critical approach. Mostly reviews are just one big praises of a fan. You are different in this and that gives your review a huge reliability.

Thank you so much, this means a lot to me. I still need to work on how I rate and review figures objectively, but of course it's difficult when there is some bias towards character. I'm happy to give other collector's the most objective approach possible to help decide on a company and possible purchase.
Il y a 4 ans
VioMariner PLATINUM Disco~
simakaiIl y a 4 ans#5142278Just to mention that Arco Wada is female. I love her work so much, and this figures makes it great justice. Thanks for the review!^^

Ahhh thank you so much for clarifying that! I had been confused on her gender for a while due to some spotty translations. I recall reading Wada was female but probably second-guessed myself.
Il y a 4 ans
Just to mention that Arco Wada is female. I love her work so much, and this figures makes it great justice. Thanks for the review!^^
Il y a 4 ans
I was wondering about the way she kinda wobbled on her stand, since she stood up just fine without help on flat surfaces, and it really worried me! But like you said, the pegs in the stand are really sturdy, so I can relax a little bit more.

Still, I hope they would've paid more attention to that since it's a common thing with this figure. The base would've been just as lovely if the top of it was flat instead of uneven due to the raised pattern.
Il y a 4 ans
I love this figure.
Il y a 4 ans
Great review.

I have ordered this figure and it has just been shipped from Japan today so it should be here within the next 1-2 weeks.
Il y a 4 ans
theyasminshow Militant Missionary
Saber dresses better than me >:( at least I have a cute lacy parasol. Great review!
Il y a 4 ans
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