January - From Japan and Amiami LootJanuary - From Japan and Amiami LootLoot

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Hey you guys, welcome to my first loot post!

I brought some stuff from AmiAmi and FromJapan online. I reused the points from AmiAmi that were refund to me to get these awesome figs.From Japan is a decent proxy service with a hidden 5% fee for payment options. Shipping to their warehouse was slow but at least they shipped pretty fast here and the figures came out fine!! All but two were Persona-related because I'm a huge fan of that series.

I took all of these pictures on the floor again (・▽・);;; Maybe next time I'll try to take pictures of my future figures on the table or something haha...Okay let's get started!

These are the boxes that were delivered to me via EMS. The small one is From Japan and the big one is Amiami. The Amiami box got a huge dented hole in it but at least the items were still okay.


I opened the From Japan package first because I want to save the big box for last. These are used Persona 4 One Coin figures that I brought from Yahoo JP Shopping. I'm disappointed that they weren't in their original boxes but hey, they're used so I understand. The packaging was decent, they put bubble wraps so the figures won't rattle. (I heard they were very fragile)


Here are the figures! They're so adorable that it makes me want to cry ;;;; They're 7 cm~ tall including with the base and they're attached with magnets. They are pretty rare to find at such a decent price of 6000 yen. My favorite one is Adachi of course, he came with a bag of cabbage!!!! I really dislike how diffcult it is to balance the figures onto their base. The magnet is inside of their heads and so it's attached to the pole behind them. Yukiko and Kanji was the most difficult to put on sheesh. But hey, I'm really satisfied with my purchase :D


Up next is the Amiami box! This is my first actual order from them and I was very pleased. I got four orders in here, three figures and one strap. The delivery box has a hole in it but everything was a-okay! I love the illustration print they included in the first layer because it's sooo cute. The first layer has the mini pencil board and booklet from ITEM #2192. Sadly the stick poster wasn't included. I removed the cardboard packaging from it so you guys can see it.


The first figure I pull out is the Natsume Rin - 1/8 from Little Busters ITEM #2192. This figure was pre-owned and the website said the box was damaged but I didn't see any noticeably damages? The box had some pictures from the original visual novels! This is actually one of my favorite figures because all those kitties that came with the figure. The pencil board and the booklet was cute too! It had some sketches and instructions.


Here's two pictures of her and with accessory on. At first, it was hard to attach her legs on to the base because they weren't quite fit very well so I had to stretch them them out a bit. I don't really like the hat on her because it covers her adorable face and doesn't fit very well ~_~ The kitties are attachable and they're super adorbs!! Just look at them crawling on Rin! There's actually one cat missing from the illustration but I guess it wasn't included in the original packaging.


Now we have the Kujikawa Rise from P4DAN ITEM #287797. I admit it, I didn't have high hopes for this figure based on the promotional picture and the fact that she was a prize figure but surprisingly she came out really well! She looks sooo much better than product pictures and well-sculpted. She's also pretty big too and takes a bit of my figure space. I'm very glad to have her to my collection. Pretty good for a price figure.


Presenting now is the Yu Narukami Figma ITEM #236211. I got him for 4990 yen NEW which isn't too bad, lower than his original price for sure. He didn't come with much accessory but it was very fun posing him. I find it funny that he even came with Aigis's hands so that you could do that German Suplex pose with them. (I have yet to get Aigis' figma but some day!! ;A;) His hand doesn't grip the sword very well and sword is...flexible and not hard plastic like I expected it to be. Oh well I really like the figma anyways so who cares.


Last but not least, the Tadokoro Megumi rubber stap ITEM #337633 that I bought for 180 YEN (so cheap!) I forgot to take a picture of her in her original packaging before taking her out so here's a close up of her. She is my precious waifu and I love her very much.


That's the end of it! Thanks for checking out my first loot article on MFC. Hope you guys enjoy it and I'll be making more soon. See ya!

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Nice loot, that Rise figure is so cute! Might have to get her since I quite liked Rise and it's just so pink. ;w; And Megumi best girl! :3 I hope she can get a figure like that gorgeous Erina from GSC. *.*
Il y a 4 ans
The one coin figures are cute! That rise prize figure is really nice! Prize figures are becoming higher quality these days.
Il y a 4 ans