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SengokuGensuiSengokuGensuiIl y a 4 ans
Very long (!) post ahead.

Greetings, MFC community! It's been a long time since I wrote a blog, and as I got more new additions lately, I thought of sharing my joy with you! :D

Since all of these items had been received a long time ago (late December 2015 till early January 2016), and since I have a potato memory, this post will not be as much detailed as my last loot posts, but I will try to pick up as much details as I can remember, so please bear with me :3

So, on December 11 I picked up from the post office the first participants of this loot post: (dates are given by courtesy of my phone)

I started with unboxing the AmiAmi package:


Inside there were two straps on top. A C.C. pinched strap ITEM #333242 for me, and a Lelouch pinched strap ITEM #333234 for my Umaruish friend:

Recently I started buying goods here and there. I'm trying to keep it minimal, but it's hard! >.< So much cute things out there... :O
Next in the box were two figures for my Beach Queens collection. First is Aizawa Natsumi, ITEM #124796:



and second is Kikuchi Makoto, ITEM #113349:



The BQ series has lots of characters who possess some of my central Moe points such as skinny, thin-shoulders, flat-chest and short hair. Note that I elegantly avoided mentioning the L word, but it's there alright... (; Oh well, who am I kidding... Loliloliloliloliloli!!! (This is for you KAGAMINE P:)

The next package is from Mandarake, Nagoya branch. As you can see, Manda packed it very space efficiently, as the figures fitted perfectly inside the shipping box:

It contains yet another BQ, Tooru from A-channel, ITEM #78379:



One of my favorite BQ overall I must say. It also contains Noel Vermillion, ITEM #130977, which is a pretty awesome figure:


I specifically liked the... ahem... detail... of a certain spot:

Yeah... Also, I was a little disappointed that her long red ribbons (is there a better word for them?) are connected directly to her cape, so I can't have her wear them if I want her capeless. However, this is just being picky. Overall I'm very pleased with her:

The last package for that day was also from Manda, Kokura branch. Here is what was inside:

At first I didn't understand what it is, as I expected it to be Megahouse's High Priestess Rise Kujikawa, ITEM #113940. After a few seconds, I realized that good old Manda sent me a completely new item, which it a very nice surprise (: So let us open the box:




Her skirt can be removed if you are interested:


I am now one step closer for a complete set of the Persona 4 heroines.
P4 plot twist aheadHideExcept Naoto. Naoto! NAOTO!!! Poor Naoto, will some company ever give her some scale love? I just want to see my Umaruish friend's face when I'll have a nice big scale of her... in swimsuit! :P (My Umaruish friend is in denial as to Naoto's gender)
The mandatory group shot:

And obligatory "cat in a box" shot:

That concludes December 11's loot. But more is up ahead!

On December 18 I've got this small package:

Inside there were custom made acrylic pieces I ordered, to be used as risers. Here are the pieces:

After peeling the protective wrappers and assembling the pieces the risers look like this:

They are all in use now, except for one which I managed to break, because that is what I do. lol.

Lastly, as an appropriate ending to 2015, on December 31 I received a long awaited and most anticipated box from AmiAmi:

Krembo immediately claimed it as his:

What could it be? O: Let us investigate:

We have an Umaru pinched strap, ITEM #334719: (for me, not for my Umaruish friend)

However, the big fish is underneath:

It is Alter's limited edition swimsuit Rise Kujikawa, ITEM #12606. I originally spotted this item on Manda, where its price was ranged in the 16K-18K zone. One day, however, AmiAmi got one, and priced it for 16K as well. However... no one bought it. So they waited and waited, and lowered the price. Yet still no one bought it. So they lowered the price again. And again. At some point, someone was bound to snap. And that someone was me. At 13K, it was a freaking steal!

The only complaint I have about this figure regards the Kuma phone strap. In the standard version, ITEM #10441, Kuma has a smile. In this limited edition, they changed his smile to his smooch face. However, they didn't bother to change the engraving on the PVC! They changed only the paint, such that you have a line of a smile engraved in, and on top of that there is smooch face paint. I tried to take pictures but crappy phone camera is crappy. Based on all of what I heard about Alter, I expected a clean perfection. Even though, it's not something that bothers me. Fabulous Rise is fabulous!

AmiAmi were pretty rational with the box size this time:

And it fits well to other stuff I have :3

So, all was good and nice. This took place at the first weekend of 2016. And then came Sunday. I was about to leave for University, when I said to myself "better measure Rise's base now if I will need the info to make an appropriate riser". So I took her out of her shelve. And got a stroke. Combined with a heart attack. Because I suddenly saw this:

What is wrong, you ask? Well... WHERE THE HELL IS HER LEFT SHOE RIBBON?!?!?! ;____________;

OMG OMG OMG Did it fell somewhere? Where could it be??? ))): My perfect beautiful Rise... Noooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! And when this is happening? Right before I'm about to leave my home, to a preplanned carpooling! ><
So, I had no choice, I went to Uni.
Then, on Tuesday, I came back. I checked every corner. I searched everywhere. I took a broomstick and swept the floor, and searched through the dust. It was nowhere to be found. And then I started to wonder - could it be that it was missing from the beginning? I inspected the blister picture carefully, but couldn't decide. However, I believe that if it where somewhere in my home, I would have find it.
So I went ahead and tried the only option I had left - writing to AmiAmi. I couldn't rule out the possibility that it fell somewhere in my house, but I was 99.99% sure it wasn't, and that it was originally missing from the box. So I described the situation in detail to AmiAmi as was written above.
AmiAmi replied with the usual standard mail of "we will check with our pre-owned team and see what can be done". Five days have passed. On the fifth day I receive this message: "we secured a replacement part for you which will be sent out to you soon. please allow it some time to arrive".
I have only one thing to say: AmiAmi, you ROCK!!! :D :) :] :3 And of course thank you so much! <3 At the end of the loot post I will expose the "replacement part" that AmiAmi sent me (the quotation marks are meant in a good way, see further ahead).

Moving onto January 8, three packages arrived (excluding the smallest AmiAmi package, a replacement part which is not of importance here):

The first thing that I noticed is that Manda's bottom box layout has changed:

Top box is how they used to seal their shipping boxes (brown duct tape). Bottom box are the current "seals". The top of the box sealing has changed too. Instead of brown duct tape along the edges, they now close their boxes with a single stripe of clear tape. I vastly prefer the old system, as it's easier to know whether the box had been opened before (more about that soon enough). So let us observe and see what's in the two Manda boxes:

Why it's Menma! ITEM #98864 Let her out, let her out! :P

And we have full release in 3... 2... 1...

So skinny and cute! :D I actually had a bootleg of this figure from when I just started collecting, so I'm happy to finally own an official one.

The second is Megahouse High Priestess Yukiko Amagi from Persona 4, ITEM #91358, which was a mere 1500 yen at Manda Sahra. It is so peculiar to see how some figures drop in price and some skyrocket (speaking of which, my Lala ITEM #286484 has cleared customs and will arrive tomorrow! Yay! :3).

What I liked about this figure is that they included the nose-glasses which makes Yuki-chan lhao (laughing her ass out), and this is the way I'm going to display her:

Yuki-chan in all of her glory! O:
The last item for that day was shipped from Hobby Search, and it is the very sexy Poison bishoujo, ITEM #235290, which came wrapped up in white paper like the Megahouse exclusives:

The box was really pretty, so I took more pictures than usual:




Here she is, stepping out of her cardboard prison...

And out of the plastic walls! Now I know that Poison is controversial, so I'm not going to start the gender discussion here. Let me just state that no male could possibly have such divine female body...

*massive drooling in background*

This concludes that day. And forward we go, on to January 14. Three packages have arrived that day:

As my mother and sister were holding the line in the living room, watching some girly showes, I resorted to open the packages in my room. Starting with the big one, Mandas packing skills are good as ever:



However, upon opening the box, I was very disappointed. My supposedly pre-owned with minor box damage POP Enel ITEM #72237 had... Well, see for yourselves:





Yes, it's a pretty massive box damage (according to Manda's standards). Well, those of you who remember, this is the same item which the incompetence of the post office here got sent back to Japan without trying delivering it, see here BLOG #25247 (at the end). I actually got a mail from Manda upon the item arrival back to them, saying that the name was missing from the package and therefore delivery failed, so they are sending it again to me for free. I asked them if the item is in the same state as it was purchased, which they confirmed.
I wrote to Manda about the damage and they asked me for a picture of the bottom of the shipping box. Upon receiving the picture, they decided that the shipping box was opened from bellow during transit, which caused the damage. Now, anyone here who got a package from Mandarake Sahra lately knows that you CAN'T opened the shipping box from below, because they glue the items to the bottom. From the other side, Manda were very nice to send me the item back for free (and we are talking about 5000 yen shipping fee here).
Manda said that the only way they can handle this is to file a damage report. As for my part, I really don't have the will nor the time to deal with it, So I decided to let it be. It's not as if it's a box with a picture of a cute girl on it. Well, at least Enel is in his right place now:

LOL at that face! XD In the second Manda box, there was a leaflet of some kind:

Being the Chikan I am, I pictured for you the important parts of it...



The rest of the stuff which arrived in that day are a BQ figure of Tsurumi Chiriko from AnoHana, ITEM #87167, and various One Piece prize and trading figures:




Well mates, we are almost through, I have one last dept and it is the "replacement part" which AmiAmi sent me. So here it is:

Arrived on February 20, this box is far too big for the missing shoe ribbon... Let us check what's inside...



They sent me a completely new figure! LOOOOOOL!!! That's more than I could possibly expect! :D

Notice the A/A sticker. Being the curious cat I am, I contact AmiAmi with various question. To sum it short, the ribbon was not detachable (which strengthen my feeling that it was a production flaw) so they sent me a new figure. In such cases, they send an item which is in the same condition as the item originally bought (mine was originally A/B). And they have no idea what was done with the box and base (it interested me whether they keep them as future replacements).

So, that concludes yet another tiresome loot post!
Thank you for reading it all, reading a part, or even just looking at the pictures!
Feel free to comment :D
Have a nice weekend,
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SengokuGensuiIl y a 4 ans#7220818Well the leaflet said that they are recruiting staff for their international team, so maybe you should apply?
And thanks! ^^

Oh man, I've seen that advertised a few times, but they require basic Japanese and mine is so bad! >.<
Il y a 4 ans
MaakieIl y a 4 ans#7220664I have found my dream job! Cosplay staff for Mandarake. :P
Anyway, nice loot!
Well the leaflet said that they are recruiting staff for their international team, so maybe you should apply?
And thanks! ^^
Il y a 4 ans
I have found my dream job! Cosplay staff for Mandarake. :P

Anyway, nice loot!
Il y a 4 ans
SengokuGensuiIl y a 4 ans#7133447Well I know how much you like loli! :D And FU2 <3 iykwim...
<.< where is the emoticon with the angry face the steam comes out of its nose when you need it?! pffffffft So goona beat your cat with mine!!!!!
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KagamineIl y a 4 ans#7117733*ahem* F u for mentioning me <33333333333 Nice loot post though ;DWell I know how much you like loli! :D And FU2 <3 iykwim...
Il y a 4 ans
FinalCataclsymIl y a 4 ans#7116714I found 3 things I really liked in this in particular. First of which is dat Perrine cosplay from their magazine. The second of which is the story and outcome of your 1(2!) Rise figure(s). The third is Toru's Beach Queen from A Channel. I myself am amid composing a loot post which includes a huge focus on A Channel, but you'll have to wait until the weekend to see what exactly I got. Overall, nice haul.A Channel loot is always good! I look forward to seeing it! XD

maron-makaronIl y a 4 ans#7116774Congrats on your replacement!! I'm glad Ami was able to do that for you. Nice loot too!Thanks! ^^ And yeah I was surprised too O:

kaanonIl y a 4 ans#7117225Wow really incredible Loot,Particulary Rise kujikawa and Poison.
Poison is in my wished category,i must wait =3
Thank you (: They both are gorgeous! But why wait? Get her now! :D

solluxcaptorIl y a 4 ans#7117706Woah, I kept expecting this article to end but it kept on going, that's a lot of stuff! :P Wonderful loot though, you made some really great choices and it seems like you have good taste :DThank you so much for your kind words! ^^ Well, I did wrote a warning did I? XD

silentwinter91Il y a 4 ans#7117719So much Rise drama AND SO MUCH LOOT HAHA i had fun reading that and your lovely cat. Thats a srsly nice bikini Rise btw.Thank you! :3 I'm glad you liked it!

ChocolateSpiderIl y a 4 ans#7117806That magazine with Gigantor though. o3oI assume that Gigantor is the blue robot with the red stripe?

nicoangeloIl y a 4 ans#7117913Nice loot post! And the Amiami replacement! Amiami: they sure rock! Haha.SkyBlueIl y a 4 ans#7117970AmiAmi really rocks!! Now you have two Rise figures. :DThank you (: Yeah AmiAmi sure rocks!

MarionEtxIl y a 4 ans#7117995Love Rise's bikini and that's awesome of AmiAmi to help you out so generously.
Your cat looks exactly like mine, except with darker tips (chocolate point? mine is a Lilac point). So cute!
Yeah Rise is something else! Ohhh now I want to see a picture of your cat! :3 You have me curios...

IchiIl y a 4 ans#7118151OMG, you have two of my dream Rise figure omggggggggg!!
Love your cat, btw, what a cutie patootie!!
Yeah, but honestly I have no idea what to do with the spare, given she has no base. And Krembo says thank you! :3

M-LinfaIl y a 4 ans#7118419Lucky you ! It's unusual for amiami to do this kind of customer service, my friend waited 4 months for her amiami package and turns out it never left japan for some "unkown reason" they said in an email. But what amiami could about it is : " please pay 4600 yen again for us to ship it to you again" ... It wasn't her fault in the first place, so I thought amiami was always that stingy to their customersThat's a really bad experience your friend had! I don't know, I hadn't have such an encounter with AmiAmi yet... I'm guessing it depends on how nice is the customer support representative who takes care of your case?

victorviperIl y a 4 ans#7118458I didn't know that Mandarake had staff members in cosplay mode. Nice to see some Perrine Clostermann cosplay; certainly not the most common cosplay choice to be sure.lol You're the second person who mentioned that here, so I checked... It's that cat-girl in blue (:
Il y a 4 ans
I didn't know that Mandarake had staff members in cosplay mode. Nice to see some Perrine Clostermann cosplay; certainly not the most common cosplay choice to be sure.
Il y a 4 ans
Lucky you ! It's unusual for amiami to do this kind of customer service, my friend waited 4 months for her amiami package and turns out it never left japan for some "unkown reason" they said in an email. But what amiami could about it is : " please pay 4600 yen again for us to ship it to you again" ... It wasn't her fault in the first place, so I thought amiami was always that stingy to their customers
Il y a 4 ans
OMG, you have two of my dream Rise figure omggggggggg!!

Love your cat, btw, what a cutie patootie!!
Il y a 4 ans
Love Rise's bikini and that's awesome of AmiAmi to help you out so generously.

Your cat looks exactly like mine, except with darker tips (chocolate point? mine is a Lilac point). So cute!
Il y a 4 ans